Edit Video on iPhone & iPad: Best Video Editing Apps for iOS

iPhones and iPads are great all-in-one tools for creating video content. Here are the best video editing apps for iOS! *** Check out Gear and Apps we’re using: http://primalvideo.com/gear

Pinnacle Studio Pro: https://primalvideo.com/go/ios-pinnacle-studio-pro/
iMovie: https://primalvideo.com/go/ios-imovie/

– How To Edit on iOS with iMovie: https://youtu.be/QdbK7KTgqP0
– How To Edit on iOS with Pinnacle Studio: https://youtu.be/Zuyya2OKFmw
– Filming with iPhone – Complete Guide to Shooting Professional Videos: https://youtu.be/g8a4F6mVX64

*** Android user? user? Check out this Video instead: https://youtu.be/LlJQAYi53OU ***

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— Edit Video on iPhone & iPad: Best Video Editing Apps for iOS —

It’s no secret, I’m a big fan of producing video content with Smartphones. The quality of camera’s built in to devices these days has really changed the game, and as they say, “the best camera is the one you have with you”.

With improvements in Video Editing apps available there’s now some great options for editing your content right on your device, making it the ultimate tool for creating videos on the go.

I’ve tested a TON of apps, ranging from the simplest template-based apps that automatically generate videos from your footage, to full-blown editing solutions with timeline and multi-track support. Until recently, my biggest gripe has been how overly simplified these apps have all been – there was no real option for true ‘editing’ I was really happy with.

But that’s changed. There are now several apps that give you a full editing workflow and all the basic customization tools you need, right on your iOS device.

In this video, we run through my two best recommendations, after testing out and working with a ton of different apps!

— If you’re looking to take your iPhone video creation to the next level, you need to check out our COMPLETE Guide to Filming Professional Videos with iPhone: https://youtu.be/g8a4F6mVX64 —

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Sasha Edwards says:

WHAD ABOUUTTT CUTE CUT!!!! I recommend cute cut!!

Hello People says:

Please don’t say iMovie…
“The first one is iMovie”

Austin Arnold says:

Now I got it

Jonathan Knows says:

You look like Chris from coldplay

OceanKomodo says:

Are you able to take the Fade effect off of iMovie

GameBitDaily says:

IMovie came with my phone I have IPhone SE

Lisa Time says:

I’m in Australia btw and iMovie is free on IPad air2

HS vløgs says:

Australia rules!!!!!!

Regina Aguilar says:

Hey guys I have a question
Is Cute cut pro good?

matua says:

Lol Videoshop’s good too

Ender DNZ says:

Can not pull trollfaces or ither cool stuff on i movie

Ladders Mate says:

Thanks bro im looking to start my own youtube channel thanks bro 🙂

Solo Kid Gamer says:

Sucks to be u then (No offence) iMovie is free for me!

NotAwesome ButCool1 says:

IMovie came on my phone already when I bought the phone…idk if it did the same for you guys!

Aakritee Adhikary says:

How to erase background on video,please tell me

Famous Jammer says:

Splice is super good and let’s you do a lot.

smh adriana says:

everybody uses iMovie
we want to use something that people don’t use

Adrienne Dolly says:

Chris Martin out here really teaching us how to edit on an iOS device.

Protock Gaming - Clash of Clans & Clash Royale says:

I can drag them into my Desktop. The problem is SonyVegas dosen’t like the format its in and it comes up as a greenscreen

Ender DNZ says:

IOS Finally a advantage for IOS THX

TheVoldermort ofCrafting says:

I can get iMovie but I have to update my iPad I’m too lazy any free apps that are good

SmashGamesNL says:

dit is echt saai om naar te kijken maar good job

G.S Vlogs says:

WeVideo is good

Ruby Boy says:

Apparently I already have iMovie this whole time! OK THEN! AWESOME

Alexa Alice says:

What are you talking about? iMovie is totally free!

Makai Playz says:

Use apple clips


does anyone know a video editing app that allows you to edit your name in like this 0:01 0:04 and I need a app that’s for Google play store

Kay's Pic's says:

IMovie is supposed to be free…

*Someone got gypped.*

SamuraiGekko says:

I disagree with iMovie, FilmoraGo should be on this list.

khay bears says:

iMovie is actually free well at least it was for me I have an iPhone 7

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