GoPro Quik App – iPhone Video Editing App

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Enia Lee says:

The Quik app on iOS is crappy!!! I can’t use the GoPro videos on Quik to edit coz it always say “We couldn’t import these videos. This is likely due to high frame rate or resolution…” i already tried lowering it to 1080 then used 60frs then 30frs but to no avail!

I can download the videos using Capture and edit it on iMovie though. Any help from you GoPro connections?

shoeshi says:

how do i get rid of the stupid auto edit thing

Sherry B says:

Do you use your GoPro to record your youtube videos?

Arjun dwivedi says:

Love this app

Elizabeth Bomstein says:

do you have to have GoPro PLUS for this or is it free?

Alica Keerati says:

Can we add 2 songs in the video?

DaftHippyGuy holton says:

how many times do you need to blink

shoeshi says:


Burnok Regala says:

Hi good day, Im hoping that you can help me, I couldn’t import video from my gopro silver, it said that due to high frame rate or resolution..hoping for your help..thank you

KB Eightyseven says:

it won’t let me choose my own music?

BeautybyashtonT says:

Does this app remove the fish eye effect

Mario Mac says:

I’m trying to select my music from Apple Music and it says it is drm protected, why is that???

Tim Marshall says:

How do you make Timelaspe videos from a GoPro Session? Do you have to downloads all of the images seperately?

Glenn Bates says:

Get a real phone. An iPhone if for kids. If you are going to do something technical like editing videos, you need an Android.

Randall Robarts says:

I’m baffled that you’ve had 40,000+ views and only 250 likes… This was a super helpful video!

Tugboat says:

do you prefer putting square or landscape when using photos

sweettaenika says:

I used to use Quik but it wouldn’t process my video and I had a ton of space and it was only five seconds. I use iMovie now.

Tugce Denizci says:

i cant add my videos and photos on gopro to quick 🙁

Heart Laberinto says:

How do I transfer the videos to my phone? ❤️

petera_sha p says:

this app is a crap!!! works wonderful on Android untill one tries to save file. Then it always crashes. Even if you have gigs of memory, even if you delete everything but 1 picture from the project… The Desktop version on the other hand does not even finds media files on my computer. The Q&As and online help was also useless. what a piece of s*it!

Reba Proctor says:

how do i make it play the whole video… all my videos are just 26 seconds

JanineJackson says:

I have a android. my quik app does not give me those same options. Is it because it’s on a android?

Hindi video guru says:


Ivana Petrovic says:

How put in slo mo?

Javier Q says:

GOOD Tutorial Tks.
I can DL my 4K with capture and store in my apple 6, I can play it, but i cannot upload to Quick, it gave me a message saying is too big or too much resolution,
there is a fix to this problem? I can use quick with 1080. but i would like to use the 4K option.
I read many people have the same problem, but you did not answer to this,
Do you have an answer for this?
Thank you

mark lam says:

I made a few editing using this app, but i wanted to use some of my music do i get the music form itunes itself to DL a song or a song from spotify also works?

JOHN 415S1KRR says:

Why I can’t transfer my 4K resolution video from my go pro to my phone so I can use the Quik app?

934 505s says:

I love this app so much I used a half drunk in Vegas to make this video

Ikram El yakoubi says:

Hello, I have problem, I can’t change the speed of a part of the video, do you have a solution? thanks

MarionMoto says:

so hears my problem, I really need help! I have lost my gopro password somehow and could no longer use my gopro ( it’s a hero 3 white so I assumed I needed to update it through the website ) so I tried that but it wouldn’t update it was making no progress. so I decided maybe if I delete my gopro studio app off my phone and then re download it later, that it would think I’m a different person and I would be able to make a new password. so here recently I went to re download the app and I guess it’s called “Quik” now as you said but the problem here is I can’t remember passwords to any of my gmail account because I always just stay logged in. so I’m not sure what to do or how to get around the problem because the one password I do remember Quik tells me there must be numbers included in it but in my password there’s not.? it’s all very confusing and frustrating for me bc I brought a gopro thinking I was gonna have such a fun time with it and I was gonna become so popular on youtube but I have no way of editing or uploading videos now and it’s been like that for a whole year now.

Brandon Rickborn says:

can my video be uploaded to youtube?

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