GoPro “Quik” App Overview/Tutorial – iPhone Video Editor

Quik is a smart phone video editing app with a lot of functionality that is also very user friendly.
In this video I give an overview of the app as walk through all of the functionality of the controls in the app.

This app is perfect for quik videos for family and friends to enjoy on social media.

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4ndy123 says:

You can trim video and click manual and you have have the whole video

Olena Yokos says:

I think you were wrong about highlights function: highlight every frame that you want to be definitely included in the video – that’s how you let the app know what moments are important to show. It’s not for setting begging & end as you said – trimming is meant for that.

sara vlogs says:

I tried toh edit the full video.. Bt it’s not happening.. The app gives me the short review of my video I tried a lot..

knoptop says:

LOL! …”at this point, if you’re still watching”

SV says:

Thank you for video. is there any time or duration limit for clips ? if i wanna create a 3 or 4 min clip, is it possible ?

RobRocks TV says:

i like the app simple to use

@Brant_Moore says:

Just an FYI for everyone regarding the 4k import issue. This is the case only for select devices and for whatever reason, the iPhone 8 is one of them.
Here is a link where you can find whether or not your phone is compatible with 4k importing in GoPro Quik

Larry Warnock says:

Nice video to watch you learn how to use the software.

4ndy123 says:

Is it possible to export in more than 1080? Thanks.

Dennis Crowney says:

Good video, Brant, with some nice first thoughts. But,
main problem for me is that you’ve made some instant judgements on the app, which I’m sure took 1,000s of man hours to develop, and finally somewhat put down the app. because of things it CAN do which you’ve missed (-selecting where to start the video to include. No App can know what YOU think is the best bit!).
To be fair, you did say, at the start, you were reviewing as a complete newbie to the app.
I just think people come to these review videos for some expertise fom someone who knows and can explain the app to a new user. My fault really for watching the whole 15 mins when I’d already played with it a little and knew some things.
Good try, though!
PS I have NO connection with Quik/the makers – and I don’t yet use GoPro or 4k video. So it’s been great for me.

Jimara Osorio says:

I am trying to add a picture after I’ve already started editing some media. I don’t see the option to add additional media.

Satname Singh says:

Dear, how we can add music to quik without using apple music, how using apps like soundcloud or other

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