GOPRO QUIK: video editing for iPHONE

Gopro Quik is a very simple app that has a bunch of video templates on it to help you guys create really basic video edits for social media. For those of you guys that have been editing for a while it may not be the best thing for you but for the beginners it’s great! I also think that it’s a great creative tool to use some of the templates in some of your other work. I really like the ”STOPMO” Template and may use this in some of my upcoming edits. Let me know if this video helped and what else you’d like to see on my channel 😉 JR PEACE




Find them here:

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i click 360 says:

Stopmo? Where is it? I’m an android user and i dont have that option

Ben Richardson says:

Good video, would have been good to see a video version as well.

Carlos Almeida says:

Is gopro Quik available for windows?

Mimmo van heussen 902 says:

very helpful thank’s jake ❤️

VSR_ Toby says:

1st hey Jake love ur vids keep it up I just got a GoPro hero 5

Tugboat says:

The only problem I don’t like about quick is that everything moves there is not one that you can click on and the photos don’t move. I just want normal film clip photos with music. No bouncing around zooming in zooming out photos

Outloud444 says:

Very Cool — Thanks

Le Coffee Ride says:

Hi Jake,
I love the quick app on my I Phone, but on the PC it s total different set up with not the same options.
So to make some video content, should I get my Go Pro video’s on a memory like you so I can edit on the phone?
Cause now I didn’t manage to get the Go Pro vid I took on my I Phone…
Txs for your help
Jeroen ( Belgium )

Jake Rich says:

the photos I used in this video are here:

michael apps says:

The name of this video is misleading – more like a photo slideshow

Sue Bennett says:

Great tips. Will certainly be useful to me

ToNeSpOT says:

Quik Key with lightning adapter, where do u get? Can’t find. Only see micro usb or type C

Madireksana browngedge says:

Hi, quick question for quik desktop how to do I keep the same quality footage from GoPro hero 6 30FPS 1080p after a edit in quik.

Cary T says:

I love the app, but AT THE END OF THE VIDEO APPEARS “ short videos quick” something like that is it possible to delete it?

Near Bo says:

Who knows cute cut ? So with quik gopro Are them similar?

Spartacus516 says:

It seems to me as though the new Go Pro Quik is designed for the creation of short videos. What program would you recommend if someone wants to combine several 3 minute Go Pro video clips into one 10 minute video?

7a9oo Vic says:

Hey Jack I can’t find stop mode on quick how can I get it

Remy Romano says:

I love gopro quick. Such a great way to get stuff from my GoPro in a presentable format fast, all from a mobile device.

RedlineNS says:

So, this video should be called “GoPro Quick for iOS ONLY!”

Salman Audi says:

Damn u speak so fast

virgkw says:

Love the App but when I post to Facebook it looks like an ad for gopro..

Offroad_ Bros_ says:

top video

Emelise Bond says:

Soo good. Really helpful I’ve​ never known how to see the app properly before now

Green Brain Seaside says:

is GoPro Quik and GoPro Studio the same app?

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