I bought the 10.5” iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil about 2 months ago and finally had some time to give it a proper review! Watch to see what I think! Do me a favor too and SUBSCRIBE if you like what you see!


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FuzzyGames (Adam Conway) says:

Great video, you’ve got a lot of potential but maybe think about upping the audio quality

Tech Review Ireland says:

hey, good video man, thank you,, was wondering if this would be good for video editing. I have a 4gig ram Hp spectre. Its ok for basic editing in Premier Pro. Can you run PP on the ipad pro ?

Montsergirl says:

I just ordered mine online for work,I hope it will do well for my edits and minor videos,looks amazing!

ammr alhalabi says:

Great video, just use better mics 😛

jaliyah sutton says:

I have a iPad mini 2 do you think it is worth it to upgrade to the 10.5 for video editing and photography

Drongorius says:

The iPad Pro is awesome

StrubbelKnopf says:

So good to watch the video on my 10.5 … and by the way, good video

Matches860 says:

Trading in my ipad mini4 for an ipad pro 10.5 tomorrow…I’m psyched! Thanks for the vid-nice job!

Derek Treeby says:

Please get down to what I want to know on how to do editing I don’t care what you have done LOTS WAFFLE is very boring

ian williams says:

Am i missing something? Just went through the video thinking he had something to say on video editing on the iPad.

Joseph Cox says:

In your video you mentioned LumaFX as a possible solution to your video editor needs, this is not the app you want, you actually want LumaFusion by the company LumaTouch. This app will address everything you mentioned that the iDevice version of iMovie can’t do and that you currently use Finial Cut on your Mac to do. It will handle your lower thirds, bugs, etc basically any type of titling and png images. There is audio filters and the ability to use third party audio units (compressors, limiters, equalizer, low and/or high pass filters etc). Color adjustments with the ability to use LUTs from other sources. It handles three video and three audio tracks and folks have claimed that their YouTube videos render out faster than on their Mac laptop. As a recommendation get the video recording app filmic pro for your iPhone for filming and LumaFusion for video editing. LumaFusion supports all the bit rates and recording features of filmic. Each work independently from each other but the two combined is a very powerful portable video recording and editing suite. From what you described in your video I think it would match all of your needs. This is just a suggestion, good video.

Ralph Quinones says:

Thanks for the video. Glad to see you are enjoying your iPad Pro, but truly, I think you are missing some of its features. I have the 2016 9.7 inch version and am amazed at how fast and powerful it is. Yes you can edit video on iMovie, but you should spend the $20 and buy LumaFusion. It is incredible! It is not 100% perfect, but their support team is incredibly helpful. I recently bought a DJI Spark drone and the videos worked with LumaFusion are outstanding. I still depend on my PC for Lightroom photo editing and storing my photo libraries, but plan to try Affinity on the iPad as it has gotten great reviews. Not intending to replace LR but to allow me to work with photos while traveling. For office use, I have Office 365 and Word, Excel and PowerPoint work extremely nice on the iPad. I also use OneNote for work and just love it. I think iOS 11 did bring new life to the Pro. Give it a chance and keep exploring, I think you will be impressed. Best wishes on your iPad discoveries.

Goli Baaz says:

hey, suggest me m very confused , I want to buy iPad pro for video editing am I right on this time or I will assemble the computer for video editing.

Globetrotter says:

Why not use the iPad for camera ? I don’t see any difference. Why don’t you use iPhone for your drone videos ?

Dylan Garrison says:

Saying the iPad pro is not good for editing serious video without trying/learning LumaFusion is like saying a Mac Book Pro is bad for editing without using/trying Final Cut or Premier. Extremely inaccurate review considering the click-batey title.

Varun Bansal says:

Just stop the background music it distracted the audience that much that i have to comment it on video

Phil Maturano says:

You should rename this to a review ….You don’t talk about the video editing until halfway through the video. Annoying

andyisyoda says:

Your title has virtually nothing to do with your video. Poor show.

riley anderson says:

such an informational video! thank u!

Mack Pinkney says:

Thanks bro, I just picked it up for some minor editing on the go. I have the power house at home. What camera did you use to vlog this with , if you don’t , mind me asking .

L Cha says:

Don’t tell people what they can or can’t do with their $600+ tablets. If they want to look ridiculous taking photos and videos let them. Don’t try to make them part of the cool kids club. They should use their overpriced product as they please.

Athena Dyer says:

“Don’t be that guy” Public Announcement 🙂

Royce Jordan says:

Love my IPad Pro 12.9…
Best unit ever

bobbyright2010 says:

Try luma fusion for video editing. 20$.

Antonio Avila says:

Thank U for this video…

Samuel Fisher says:

Can I use the camera to shoot and edit on the Ipad? Can it be an all in one work horse? BTW I’m onlying planning on 1080p @30 maybe 60fps so it shouldn’t be that hard.

Olexandr Ignatov says:

Great video! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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