iPad Pro Video Editing – LumaFusion Review

YouTubers, especially vloggers, need a way to pull together quick videos while traveling. Laptops can get the job done, but they’re expensive and really slow when editing 4k video. I’ve been using LumaFusion on my 12.9″ Apple iPad Pro (http://sdp.io/ipad) and it’s pretty awesome, supporting multiple video and audio layers, with good title support. It’s still missing some critical features, though.


Morgan Newsom says:

Tony, I am starting a lifestyle and fashion blog. I have a new MacBook Pro. Do you recommend this LumaFusion video editing on THIS device? I am on-the-go traveler and want something I can use anywhere. Also, any advice on video editing? thx xoxo

admiralking says:

I was so excited when I found out one of my favorite reviewers had already posted a video on this product I am hearing so much about. Thank you Tony.

Thomas Wilson says:

love the video. my iPad pro 10.5 2017 won’t recognise the video I have on my sd card so wont let me import it. its go pro video footage. any suggestions why?

doovdoo says:

Great video Tony. Would you do Affinity photo for Ipad too? I love to see it i’m gonna buy a new ipad 10.5 your video will make me easier to buy it becouse i love to work on the go so much but i don’t know ipad can replace my PC or not. thanks

Tomas Aamli says:

How is the colorgrading tools in Luma fusion? And what video formats does the app support? Would be great to have h.265, and some way to process RAW video-files.

Jakethemase says:

What are good external hard drives(wired) for this?

Tom Altman says:

Tony do you feel the 12 inch model is much better for editing photos and video than the 10.5 model is?

Philip Glenn Degaños says:

Can you edit multiple frame rate videos? Like for example 4k 30fps & 1080p 60fps both in the same timeline? If so, how to do it? Thanks!

kasem kharsa says:

Great info Tony – I’m trying to decide what capacity iPad Pro to get for vlogging and basic editing projects, good to know LumaFusion allows you to archive projects and eventually send them off to desktop apps – do you think the 64gb model would be sufficient or have you found you’re using a lot more so far?

Gurmeet Singh says:

iMovie is free anyway

Suriel73 says:

Thx for the useful info. Might I suggest though to use a screen grabber of some sort to show the desktop view? This would have made for a better viewing experience.

evans boateng says:

surface pro can do it better….accept that isheeps….!!!

Dale Shelton says:

Pssssst. [whispering] there’s someone in the window behind you. Great review though. Been thinking about the same iPad. My first apple product, well, except for my iPod.

1BigBucks1 says:

Hopefully the keyboard shortcuts will be customizable so you can use the Apple/Avid/Adobe ones some editors prefer.

Rob Tak says:

Can you process RAW on the iPad pro

stoney roberts says:

Hey Tony
Yeah I have the smaller iPad pro and agree Lightroom does run really well on it.
Hey you probably know but you can set the white point and black point using the sliders with one finger while touching the screen with another finger and it will give you the same effect as using the option key in the desktop version.

Jan Ryan says:


lafeil says:

Now if able can do external hard rive for iPad pro this would be perfect.

Doug Johnson Productions says:

Editing on an iPad isn’t an option for me until it can natively talk to external hard drives. My typical video project is at least a half terabyte in size, so transferring over the Internet just isn’t an option..

Stephen Reed says:

As always Tony, top video! How did you find both the pad and LF editing 4K video, then downresing for YT? Thanks

Jeff Wingo says:

I like this software. It works great on my 9.7” iPad Pro. Being a Final Cut Pro X user, I miss the magnetic timeline and I found the interface to be a tad kludgy. But to have a full featured editor on my iPad is great.

Tyler Barton says:

Tony, as I was considering your storage solution with both physical and cloud-based options, I was curious as to why you opt to ( I can only assume) pay for cloud-based storage from providers such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Dropbox when you are already invested quite a good deal in physical storage and network capacity? Of course, in the case of this app, it would hardly suit you, but have you looked into using static IP’s for your network at home and backing your own cloud that way? Using frontends designed specifically for the purpose makes integration on mobile, especially Android, easier, and it might even be cheaper in the long run for storage upgrades with a downside potentially being the requirement of more maintenance, but you already have that covered if you have invested into home storage on any platform. Any insight you might provide here would be most appreciated. Personally, given my interest in such things, I would quite like to see a video showing your networking/storage plans at least for home and studio. Thanks!

Fernando caras says:

Hi! have this app (or is planned) a function to synchronise audio to video? I mean, for example, to use the audio recording from a PA and replace the audio from video recording. Thank you

Tim Krijnen says:

My iPad hasn’t got a lot of storage can I edit straight from my SD card or form the cloud

Eric Thompson says:

This was an excellent, no-fluff, straight-to-the-point review. Very nicely done.

Upmystrasse says:

Another great video, Tony. Thank you. You never cease to impress me by how darn good you are at speaking without notes, which I know is so hard to do. Whenever I try it, I become repetitive and hesitant as I try to engage my brain.

Russell Gill says:

Have you tried Adobe Premiere Clip on the iPad? If so, what was your experience like with it. Is it any good?

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