Magisto App Video Review [2015]

Magisto is a fun app, but it isn’t for everyone. You have very little flexibility when using this app. It might be fun to play around with but anyone who wants an actual video to be edited correctly and how they want, this app won’t do that. It works well for a slideshow with no audio or direction. Please click play to see a much more in depth review.

Cost:Free to use within the app but if you want to Download the videos and reuse them there is a monthly charge.
Difficulty: VERY EASY
Technical Abilities: NONE
Score: 3/5

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Today I’m going to give you a little insight on an App called “Magisto”

When you click on the app the first thing you will need to is set up
an account and login.

Once you’ve logged in, you need to add video clips or photos from your
camera roll and then hit next.

Then, you can select the “editing style,” select the music you want to
use, add a title and select the length.

Hit “Make My Movie” and let Magisto do its magic.

It’s that simple.

All you do is select the photos/videos you want to use, select the
theme, select the song, add a tile, select the length and they do the

Here is my take-aways about Magisto:

It’s very easy to use — anyone can do it.

You have very little control with what’s going to happen, if you don’t
like how it turns out, your only option is to go through the process

The single line of text for the title is the only text you can have

Magisto is primarily for capturing the feeling of a trip, seminar or
family function. It can’t be used for interviews or things like that.

If you want to download the videos you create, you need to pay ($4.99
or $6.99 per month)

If you decide to use Magisto, here is the one tip — use short video clips.

Overall I’d give this app a three out of five. It’s a super fun App to
use super easy. You don’t need think a lot — you just click the
videos, the clips you want and they can do the rest.

It’s cool to see what you get out of it when you hit “make my movie.”

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Magisto
Review of Magisto
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roblox Ziegler says:

How do u find people on Magisto?!?

X1 Gen KaneshiroX says:

I wanna put it on my photos and camera app how do I do that.

Kanishk Tagade says:

Thanks bruh

WolfmansCavemansNews says:

You don’t have to think a lot, you don’t have to think at all. They returned you 35 seconds of what the hell is this. Well it was easy and thinking is not a requirement at all with this program, and considering what is being taught in our schools today Magisto will surely be a hit with all ages.

Ferdaus Amzah says:

What about magisto for business?

Elusive Illusion says:

Thanx so much going to delete off my phone NOW!

planetluna13 says:

Is it possible to use a video made by magista as a opening video and edit in a speaking video using a separate program?

desertdispatch says:

I see he doesn’t respond or answer too many questions. That’s always helpful

Patricia Campos says:

Thank you

Thomas Sulcer says:

Helpful review, thanks.

CookieCat/ AnnGamer says:

i luv magisto but…..i need premuim

Nammie Walker says:


Shelly Glam says:

Hshelli gllem

Craig Stemas LLC says:

i almost downloaded it until you said i have to pay to upload to youtube…wahhhh

Pro0wnz says:

You sound like Sky Williams wtf.

Silvy says:

I couldn’t help but laugh a little. All prepared but 5% battery lmao. Thanks for the video tho c:

ReptileGamingHD says:


monagazine says:

i agree with what you said in this video… magisto is very easy to use but you can do less, you can’t do even a little editing while creating your video and it has no previewing before you click the ‘MAKE MY MOVIE’ button. If there’s something you don’t like once the video has been drafted, you can’t change it anymore, either you keep it or delete it and create another one which is inconvenient.

Mira Hamiki says:

try to use rode microphone

Vistelar says:

Love this!

satish reddy says:

bro send download link plz for Android

White Kita says:

thank you for the review, this was very helpful….

aa060904 says:

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Jorge Valle says:

SONG 1:17 ?

Maitresse 4 ème says:

I do not comprent l can not itulisée Magisto his free

chris williams says:

So you can’t put your on music on it

Sagun Rai says:

what to do if we dont want to add music?

The Tech Tube says:

Would you use Webideo for editing video?

Jenniffer Julie says:

Cool I have now 2k+ people following me on magisto it was difficult to get there but it was worth it it’s pretty fun! My videos get featured! My name on it is ✨Jenniffer

Rosally Kitty says:

it says it needs to pay $ so i cannot download my utube intro for my channel

Minecraft William says:


Mark Hunter says:

Thanks for the review, but the finished video looks terrible

Lps Libby says:

I already have a account and I logged in with email but I DELETD the app I got it agein and it said for log in invalid email adress or password but it was right my password even worked for a diffrent app so when I do join it say my email is already in use

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