My iPad Pro 4K Video Editing Workflow! (2018)

iPad Pro (2018) 11-inch – Review of 4K Editing Workflow! Between the 11-inch vs 12-inch, can the new iPad Pro (2018) edit 4K video? Here’s a review of my iPad Pro video editing experience! iPad Pro vs MacBook? This comparison is closer than ever! Here’s My iPad Pro 4K Video Editing Workflow!


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C. Patrick Sadowski says:

Dom: is there any way to import movies from the SD card to the iPad, for video not shot on a camera? I’m trying to move movies from my Mac, to my iPad. If I move it to the SD card, and plug it in, it’s not recognized. Thanks!

Perry S says:

Okay problems with working with a iPad

3D logo rendering to .mov

I hope fcpx and motion 5 are coming to iPad pro

tevyFANTASTIC C says:

What are lux? Or was it luts?

9twentyone says:

The pencils don’t work for any type of iPad sir. That is incorrect the og pencil will work for previous iPad Pro and new iPad models and the pencil 2 will only work with the new iPad Pro 2018

William Miles La Mont says:

Now all I need to see is a real photo editing and dam solution for iOS. …No, don’t bother mentioning Adobe products, they don’t count.

Thepboonnum Studio says:

Cannit replace Macbook Air or better to edit video?

Andre Grizzle says:

I’ve been using my standard iPad 9.7 6th gen with Lumafusion with my Mavic 2 drone. Great video.

Parthasarathi Ghosh says:

every youtuber has now shifted to the iPad pro 2018 and Lumafusion. Apple has a winner on their hands here. has bendgate affected any of the youtubers?

r rar says:

Can luma fusion be used with regular iPad 2018

bill nanson says:

A shame there’s no headphone jack to listen to your work 🙂

망고 says:

no export time comparison?

MASS MAXX Official says:

I watched a couple of times but still have no idea what app you are talking about

Richard Goldman says:

You mention importing Luts for color grading. Can you recommend where I should go to get these Luts color gradings?

D says:

Thanks for the video 🙂 What’s the easiest way to import music from Epidemic Sound or other websites? I found it a right ball ache and ended up getting up off the couch and using my pc!

Mike Grinnell says:

Very cool idea of using the tools we already have. I will definitely give it a shot.

John Scardina says:

How did you get around the fact that the iPad Pro only looks in main folder of the camera se drive where the photos are but doesn’t see the video which are in a few folders down the drive directory.

Wei-Da Chen says:

love your 4k video editing on iPad pro2018. But I wonder what storage of iPad Pro you use? 256gb or 512gb? And do you use wireless hard drive though airdrop to transfer all clips sources to the iPad before editing?

Brian Hinton says:

What boggles my mind is 4K video editing works just as smoothly on the 2017 model. Export time may be slightly longer. But I don’t understand all the hype around the 2018 iPad Pro!!? The port doesn’t offer anything that the lightning port didn’t provide, and both require dongle life. I mean it’s great new hardware, but welcome to what has been possible for awhile.

அரவிந்த். க says:

Is this 4gb or 6gb ram version ipad pro?

NextWorld Gaming says:

I have 2 tb

JoseTorre says:

Great video, but for me, the whole MTP transfer method for the Sony cameras is a huge letdown. Transfer speeds for 4K XAVCS video clips are painstakingly slow!! This really needs to be addressed. Transferring a RAW file with the SD card reader takes about 1/10th of the time that it takes through MTP.

Linux Tuxfriend says:

So, after editing a video, how do you transfer the file(s) to an external storage device? Is there an app for that? If I have big files, the cloud is not an option for me.

HOMEjuju says:

Damn. I had to stop at 5:06 that’s a bent iPad haha.

Zilli Auditore says:

Lumafusion works great with NAS and other types of network discs as well!

JSR says:

Or, get a MacBook?

Jarbas Na Tela says:

What do you think is missing in LumaFusion ??
I’m saving money to get MacBook Pro
But I love lumafusion, and you said you don’t need use your MacBook
What do you recommend for me
Buy a iPad Pro and better camera I use just my iPhone to film and editing for YouTube
or buy a MacBook Pro ?
I really want learning everything about filmmaker, just love
Do you think Lumafusion I can accepted same jobs? Like marriage??
Thank you
I really like your video
Learning a lot

Justin Mangrich says:

Are you able to migrate a Luma Fusion project to any other editing software? For example, say you’re working on a project and you use Luma Fusion to preview clips, can you then send it over to Premiere, Resolve, or Final Cut on your computer and finish the project?

MylesTube 5 says:

Hey Dom, question for ya..

How do you feel about editing on the iPad Pro 3rd Gen using LumaFusion vs a MacBook Pro with Premier or final cut?
I currently have a third GEN iPad Pro and I’m about to dump almost $4k into a MacBook Pro I-9 with 32g of Ram and their newest best graphics card.
I’ll be editing vlogs using sometimes multiple cameras, etc..
Do you feel the iPad is still a little too infant in its limitations and maybe in a year or so, the iPad with a more open and powerful iOS and plus more track availability in LumaFusion will be solid enough to leave the MBPro behind?
Thanks much!

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