Pro Video Editing on your iPad?? An awesome NEW app!

Editing video like a pro on the iPad has always been… well shrugged off. But the future is here! Check out this awesome new app that really amps up the mobile editing features and takes your iOS potential to the next level!
Read the full write up with screenshots on our blog:

See more about the app, Luma Fusion on their website


Kevin King says:

thank you sooo much. this is perfectly what i am looking for

iJustin says:

And there’s one more thing you forgot to tell your audience… it’s not free it’s £19.99 from the App Store I just checked!! I’ll stick with iMovie for now till I get the MacBook Pro then save up for Final Cut Pro X

Lego Play Time says:

This is what I’ve been looking for on iPad ever since I started using a desktop for video editing.

Ross Ochs says:

Perfect, I was jumping between getting the MacBook and an iPad Pro as my secondary device. I think I’ve made my decision!

SnipzerGFX says:

It’s cost $30 wow it should free who agrees

Brastin3 says:

An app called “cute cut” has twice the functionality for a 3 times smaller price

Rokin says:

Does anyone know lumafusion is $20

Asad ullah khan says:

Does it support 4K

איתם הובר says:

Looks exactly like what i was looking for !
Multi track editor , no need for transcoding , applying effects without lagging.

FloNo Trail says:

An interesting idea but for me the downside is that you have to import the clips into the iPad and not just work from an external drive or a cloud service – though I imagine the latter would be too slow

Ion-SHIVs says:

I’m going to check this out. Is there any way to back up your project file once you have finished working on it? I assume there isn’t, and that’s one thing I wish you could do on a mobile app. I’m assuming your project file just lives inside the app’s space on your ipad, and you can’t really get at it other than through using the app itself.

Baja Culturista says:

Do you think they will come out with an update that includes video stabilization?

Karen Pettinger says:

I believe that this is exactly what I’m looking for. Just got a new IPad Pro, and I’ve started using it to take video, but then I was unable to edit as I saw fit. Thank a lot!

QatorPlayzz says:

Great 40 dollars

BoardGame Orbit says:

Have you tried Cute Cut? I’d love to see a Luma vs Cute Cut Review.
Cute Cut has many of these same features like multitrack but at a third of the price to Luma.

Enrique Salazar says:

Siiiiiccckk!! I have been waiting for an app like this!!

AbdelGhafour Abou-Kacem says:

what’s the frame aspect taht’s requested on youtube ?

Lucy & Ryder Graal says:

What do you record with?

Willy Salazar says:

can you include watermark like a company logo in all time video??

Landon Dodd says:

Is there any kind of audio syncing? So if I have a master sound device, is there a way to sync multiple cameras to it using the cameras recorded audio?

Mistfit Mistfit says:

so whats the real option when it comes to using this software to edit the videos threw the ipad it’s something i would like to know?

Nathan Lehn says:

I’d say also look at cutecut pro! It’s 7 bucks (when I got it) and it has a lot of this stuff! It also lets you make transitions, and everything. I wanna use both of these apps!

aaron ortega conde says:

Can I edit videos from the video app of iOS with this app? Or only from the reel? Thanks

Azyi says:

So with this can you add soundtracks or noises from the web to the app?

TheLastTACO says:

Thanks now I can improve my work on being an youtuber!

CarlJanzen Gaoiran says:

wtf this is not worth it! almost 30 buckssss sorry no

. 匚ㄖ乃尺4 . says:

It’s paid!!!

Glen Peck says:

what kind of iPad are you using in this video?

Cyan Greene says:

Green screens?

Game Talk says:

Can you zoom?

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