Quik: Free Video Editor for Android Review

Here is Quik, a free video editor app for Android devices. It’s also on iOS. This application is made by GoPro. But it work with videos made on any device. In video I do some editing and share my opinion. I hope you guys like the video.

Download Quik here: https://goo.gl/xFqu5p

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syma B says:


vishesh pandita says:

It is showing error while saving video! What can i do?

Tahmina Rahman says:

Watch my vids for proof guys

Beccaccia Hunter says:

How can I extract a frame-photo from a video?

Tom M. Faye says:

this shit is the worst I’ve ever used

B Venturous Videos says:

mine skips. Not sure if its the app or my device.

Ankit Dahiya says:

can we use the original sound in quik app for vedio

從前以後 says:

看起來( ^_^ )不錯嘛

TheXYoutuber2427 says:


Albert Einstein says:

Could I put borders (I try but i have edited for a while and I could but I forgot)

Jo Croucher says:

how do u use your go pro videos.

DuckTalesWooHoo1987 says:

When I use this it like breaks up videos into like 30 second clips and I don’t know how to get it out of that. Do you have to have gopro studio to edit longer videos? Also is studio free and how do you use it? Is it the same as this?

Mylene Famulagan says:

how can we use our own music ?

BaseliO RaW says:

Thumbs up Marc good explaining , i have a question , how long can we mix or make a video using Quik, I try reaching 1 minute it never happens , if it worked with you lemme know how

karina lopez says:

why does mine do some stupid shake transition on all my videos even when I change theme

Viezure Montan says:

how save video in gallery? and upload on youtube?

Momo Something says:

I need to know how to cut parts.

Disney Channel says:

hi I have a question about this quik app look when I downloaded the app I chose the video from my albums and my video was 10 minutes and they made it 48 seconds what’s up with that

***PassiOnFruit*** says:

I already try this and others app like viva or kinemaster , Now I decided to stick to Filmorago is Very Good and Kool ,,I think it all depend in what level you are in making videos ,,, thanks for the tutorial and your time

rissa Johnson says:

how can I be able to upload it on YouTube

ppsspp Gamer says:

When I create a video it coming only highlights…….. Pls say how to edit full video

Bd Mix Songz With Mashura says:

how can i increase the time limit?

lovetv dgk says:

What app or music downloader do you have for your Android phone ?

Damdami Xo says:

i really love this app but it took a lot of time for saving

Amnh Msvi says:

i dont wanna use the style just cut video and save but it save with style

Mohit srivastava says:

can I use this apps free with commercial purposes

TristansAdventures says:

app sucks because you have to use there music. I am talking in a video and I merged the videos and I have to use music instead my voice.

Cutenekosans Garica says:

I have IOS but i can’t do a video

Fishing Maniac says:

does It take up memory?

Gagandeep Kaur says:

nice video

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