Splice – Overview & Tutorial – iPhone Video Editor

Splice is an iPhone video editing app with a lot of functionality that is also very user friendly.
In this video I give a brief overview of the app as well as teach you how to make a project using the app.

This app has everything needed to allow you to make videos for youtube completely from your phone.

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Amir zakwan Shukry says:

What name of music background..

Sphylix says:


Michelle Kowalsky says:

The trouble I’m having is the text. I add text to the video and it stays on the whole video. I only want it to be on for a couple seconds.


How do you make your video as you music

Cory W says:

Great app! Great video on how to use too.

Mark Rimando says:

Nice one bro it helps me a lot

Flossing Turtle says:

I agree I use that app in almost all my vids

offthecouchproductions says:

This APP sucks on a huge level…

Divya Sharma says:

How to split videos on slpice

apal singh says:

Nice video. Thanks

Ipad Home says:

nice video! It does a good job of video editing but when we try to include a picture between videos it looks very blurry with or without Ken Burns effect.. is there a workaround to make the pictures clearer as in the original form?

TheWolfGirl says:

Is there a way to reverse videos?

SirDoodlesYT says:

Is there anyway I can blur peoples faces within the app?

UnairsRealm - says:


redsawxfan says:

Great tutorial! I tried many apps before coming across your video & this got me started quickly & I love the outcome! Now, my family & I are following ❤️

Greg Dowden says:

Whenever I apply a trim the screen just goes black

Sof says:

Is it possible to choose the preview of the video??

Sirius Black says:

Great! Thanks a lot!!!)))

Moises Linares says:

I have a question you might be able to help me with. I’m sports reporter trying to figure out if we can put video over video. For example, having someone talk for a minute long and covering the person or clip with different video without losing the audio from the interview.

wijedan thoibi says:

When i want to save or share the video , the App Will closing. Can you tell me what is the problem ? I using iPhone 6

Gezguchi Nomadi says:

How can i adjust how long a text on the video will appear and how long? 🙂

Hyeeqy says:

how to crop video ??

Master T D says:

I was supposed to………….

Sandy M says:

Awesome video! I am trying to add a title and then would like to have it fade away instead of staying on the video the whole time, any suggestions? Also, what software do you recommend for your desktop editing?

Craig Wreckless says:

Do you have a video of editing the audio?

Sonnia Pascua says:

Thanks so much! Just downloaded this app on my phone and your tutorial is super helpful!

Mike O'Dell says:

Thank u

Christian Dela Torre says:

How to download splice guys help

Ahsan Javed Khan says:

Very informative and nice clip. Can you please tell me how would you trim from between a speech to make a smooth video?

MattXD 101 says:

How do I add photos or videos to a project please answer

Zoey C says:

QUESTION: Can you layer the audio of one video clip over the video over the next? Like I’m trying to figure out if I film a cover and in the video insert clips of me like dancing and goofing while the cover is still playing in the background. I really need an answer if there is one.

FoxWarriorBM says:

When I trim, all I see is a black background and an audio

ManyRose 2345 says:

I use splice because it’s easy and that it was so fast for me to learn.thats how I make a gacha studio vid

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