The BEST Video Editing Software EVER! 💻

When it comes to the BEST video editing software (the best video editing software for Mac and best video editing software for PC), there are a few solid choices out there! I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about what I use to edit the videos on my channel and what I think are the best video editing apps, so today I explain what I think is the best software for video editing in any free/paid Mac/PC situation! When it comes to the best software for video editing on Mac and best software for video editing on Windows, I’m going to lay it all out on the table today and explain what I think are the best video editing apps for Mac, best video editing apps for Windows, and what the best video editing program free options and video editing program paid options are for YOUR needs! I hope you find this video on the best software for video editing free vs. paid options helpful! Don’t forget to comment below YOUR opinion on the best video editing software free vs. paid options! I’m curious to see what everyone else is using as a video editor! What’s the best video editor in YOUR opinion?! Leave a comment below letting me know!

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Windows Movie Maker (PC, FREE) –
iMovie (MAC, FREE) –

Premiere Pro (MAC/PC, ~$19.99/month, FREE TRIAL AVAILABLE) – Pro
Adobe Creative Cloud (MAC/PC, $49.99/month, FREE TRIAL AVAILABLE) –

Comparison Video (By Justin Brown) –

Filmmaking Tutorials Video Playlist –

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Uploaded on 6.1.2017 – 23,063 Subscribers. 2,088,287 Views.


Muhammad Zafar says:

You are AWESOME …..

JR MELO says:

Your video is very informative, just what the user needs. But you are throwing the information too fast, gotta slow down a bit. Other than that, this is perfects. Thank you sir.

Sagar Koirala says:

I use avid media composer I think its the best

- zAnxmus - says:

Man I’m trying my best to learn to do my videos very well cant do it anymore I feel like giving up sometimes 🙁

Jeddy says:

what imovie not free for me

Julia helps says:

Lol windows movie maker

Weeplanedude says:

chill with the filters damn

kgamer says:

Love the video and your channel the way you talk the way you edit so dope so great so cool

But there is little issue little tiny issue
I hope in other videos you set down on the center not on the right otherwise love it and thanks for what your doing in youtube hope you get on the top

Ananiya Memon says:

Wedding edditing app name u know?????

n says:

I have video studio prop but also I have Adobe premiere Pro with my student Adobe subscription .. I need a new computer

xstrictlyx xgameplayx says:

thanks alot

Jenil Patel says:

premiere Pro

Ananiya Memon says:

This app is working on mobile yes or no?????

Mariana Douglin says:

waste of time!

Gabiche says:

Great video man! Your tips will help grow my channel I hope

Jeff Seidman says:

Avid is the best video editor.

sh00k_moods says:

Thank you this helped a lot with my small channel <3

EnviousWingDings says:

Yeah well you know what? I’m not trying to edit this kind of stuff! I’m just trying to make an image move across the screen! I have no money WHATSOEVER! I’ve tried iMovie. Nothing there I need. I can’t do what I need, because nobody can make any money where we are!

SquidON says:

I love premiere pro so much!

Eyou Amen says:

how do i now it is the best

jauchiu says:

This video sucks really bad.

Are Wood says:

Ur camera quality is garbage.

Mission 7 says:

Bro good video. I have a lot to learn. But I really want to do this. Video edibles I truly enjoy doing. I have no schooling tho. Rendering when filming a music video or any kind of video. Is that something you have to do all the time?

Felix Galera says:

I was wondering if you could share with us like the bases of the template you use to edit your videos… filter, image corrections etc. I was about to post my first video but seeing the quality in this image which im almost sure is not all about the sony camera.. i kinda retreated before posting something crappy. thanks a lot for this video. helped!

winglesschip 209 says:

ive only used windows editor and i like it but now im ready to buy something and move on

Jaquan Brown says:


Timeless Studio-UK says:

thanks for this im new to video editing 🙂 and just started here is one of my videos ive done this is my first ever video ive attempted and its for my new single 🙂

ewan miller says:


JR MELO says:

I was wondering if you have heard about DaVinci Resolve. Do you know anything about it?

Carlos Escalante says:

Nice video !

kRypToNiaN says:

Why would you pay monthly? You will soon over pay, doesn’t make sense!

BMACadelic says:

What’s *YOUR* favorite video editing app and why?!

Ananiya Memon says:

Mobile mm y software work krega????

Gordon Tickle says:

Perhaps you should find a program that will teach you to speak slower

CatchyVibe says:

How dare you not mentioning Sony Vegas

Mustafa Gamer says:

Nice Thx Man 😀

DJ FILMS Entertainment says:

for Windows users there are a lot more options for pro editors, Final Cut and Abobe are not alone, One of them is Vegas pro. the sad thing about that program is, that it never gets the respect that it deserves. with Vegas you do just as much as Premiere (without After Effects) and final cut, if you know how to use it right and its the best paid program for beginners and also great for pros.. I still use it, I also still use Premiere & After Effects.. there is also Hit Film and DaVinci Resolve. back when you use Windows Movie Maker it was ok for beginners but now its God awful I mean really really bad and not even worth it. as a matter of fact I think Windows is not even supporting it any longer.. for windows uses its best to use Hit Film and DaVinci Resolve for free editers, plz never suggest movie maker again lol ..


i think (HitFilm Pro) that’s the won i am using i have tried all the others and its by far best for me 0(-_-)o

Dave Beaver says:

I like the information you offer in this video and you speak clearly and intelligently, but those constant, rapid-fire jump cuts are so overwhelming and distracting that I will likely not be seeking out any other videos from you. I respectfully urge you to reconsider this style of editing.

Cris Garcia 6 says:

Premiere all the way

Sergeant Butter says:

this man said a mac is a high end powerful computer lol.

Daniel Damian says:

lol shot your laptop to make sure its just give away for ur subs if dont use it file and reset budy;)

Eren Jaeger says:

Worked subbed!

FranciscoVids says:

Does that old Mac still work ?

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