Top 5 Best Free Video Editing Software For YouTube (2017)

In a video released a couple months ago on this channel, I showed you the best free screen recording software. Many have asked, what free editing software is good to use for making videos for YouTube or any other video site? That question is more difficult to answer than you may think. It really all depends on your specific needs. So, I came up with a general list of the Top 5 video editing software that are free of cost and have some of the professional features like the paid versions for making YouTube quality videos. At the end of this video, I’ll give you a quick getting started tutorial of the #1 pick.

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VideoPad Video Editor:
(To continue using VideoPad after trial, uninstall, then re-install)



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Videoscord says:

Can you edit 4k videos in shotcut ?

missladyhawke says:

I love Hitfilm 4 Express
There are a ton of videos on here that will show you how to use it too.

Anonymous Magician says:

Kdenlive is good as adobe premiere pro. 🙂

Help me get 9000 Subs without Videos says:

216k Subs = 216k views

Jack Gerow says:

Shotcut download doesnt even work like every other free software

Bhatti Naishadh says:

thank you so much you have helped me a lot because linux is little tough for me.

thegamerkeilyg7 says:


SafeRed GT says:

does any of this video editer have watermark

RoBro says:

Is shotcut good for editing Gaming videos?

Hindrigan says:

Awesome. TY

Coaster Frenzy says:

Where’s sonyvegas?

Hussain Naasih says:

Check out this

Brandon says:

shot cut always shuts down for no reason, its great for editing but its not reliable

herolife says:

It’s really helpful thanks. Any youtubers wanna help each other! ! Sub me I’ll sub back

Jay Mars says:

why do filmora call pewds podepie

Miss Time Bunny says:

Funnily enough I happen to use iMovie for some projects. It’s a pretty decent editing software. Certainly worth giving it a go if you have an Apple device.

The others I will take a look at once I get my PC up and running again. Shotcut sounds interesting.

TreeSnek - Art and more! says:

Sponsered by Shotcut! xD

Sendeint says:

trump like if you disagree

Onlyonestinger videos says:

can use import luts into this program and use with videos?


It is Really helpful for me..Thanks man.

nur fauzan karim says:

videopad is not free. its only demo version. you can’t export video on the demo version

Hydrotoxic GT says:

I prefer sonyvegas

Nerd Reviews Technology says:

What about davinci resolve? It’s free and some people prefer it over premiere pro!

Ace the Dolphin Guy says:

one amazing option is kdenlive. I have used it for about a year and it one of the best free video editors I have used

ItsJust Channy says:

Does shotcut support AVI format? I’m having difficulty getting the video to play.

Wycliffe Amollo says:

Thank you..thank you. That was very insightful!

Saucie Mamba says:



thank a lot man, but I don’t know which one to pick, shotcut or nch software

msbhattionline says:


Questioning Everything says:

Can You Put A Video Into The Screen Like A Reaction type video ? What would this be called

Fahim shahriar says:

thank you! <3

M A T says:

which software did you use to edit this video?

DivixMC says:

when i export file and i save it, it saves as mp4 but youtube doesnt allow it to upload how can i fix this?

Dynikko says:

My Shotcut keeps crashing and not responding. I tried to see if it needed an update, I uninstalled and reinstalled it back, and it keeps shutting down on me. I can’t have it open for 5 minutes without it refusing to respond and me having to close it. Not worth it.

Kountry Quads says:

Are the two rope ones safe for my computer?!?

Squivels says:

Dude, nice!

percaine says:

I’ve been using Shotcut for probably close to two years and it’s my go to editor..I recently downloaded DaVinci Resolve but it has restricted features if you don’t upgrade to the paid version..definitely gonna stick with Shotcut.

REKKSSS Francisco says:

Does it have watermarks??

Salty Watch says:

videopad has a trial and once it runs out you cant use it.

DeAndrea Jones says:

Thank you for sharing this.

Life With Ant says:


AlfredGamez says:

thank you you really helped me

Razib and Razib says:

thank you…….

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