Top 5 Best Video Editing Software (2018)

These are the best video editors that you can use right now. If you’re looking for software for editing videos, you have many choices. Whether you’re creating videos for YouTube or for personal or business use, the video editor you use can make all the difference. In a prior video, I showed you the best free video editors, which are great for handling simple tasks. For those of you looking to improve your overall quality, in this video, I will show you the Top 5 programs for editing videos. In testing, numerous factors were considered to determine the best with features available and ease of use being the most important. After I show you the top pick, I will give you a mini-tutorial of the program that I use for creating videos here on YouTube.

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Top 5 Best FREE Video Editing Software

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Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Apple Final Cut Pro X
DaVinci Resolve Studio
Vegas Pro Edit
Corel VideoStudio Ultimate



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321bluff says:

What do u think about cyberlink power director?

Jim Suthard says:

Edius is also quite good for the price AND quite capable. I edited on Avid for years but then our station switched to GV Edius. After getting used to it, I found it about as powerful.

Teddy P. Gray says:

Can’t use it without internet is a no go for me with premiere pro. Total deal breaker.

AHMAD 4 EVER says:



thanks bro for showing me this softwares

ItzBrownie says:


ItsAmy YT says:

How impatient I am ( A.K.A How much of a hurry I am )
1. Looks through comments
2. Looks in desc.
3. Looks for the first link to editor.

Im on a hurry cuz I have classes tomorrow and I have to sleep at 8:00 PM and its 7:13 PM and I want to make a video rn x’D

ShinyArjun Singh says:

Wow..Nice one, Subscribed…Please keep’em comin….

TechGumbo says:

Update: Premiere Pro CC can be used offline. The “Creative Cloud” apps will attempt to validate your software license every 30 days. Once the apps software license has been validated, they can be used offline for a limited period of time. Refer to the Adobe help page if you need any more information. The Premiere Pro beginner’s tutorial in this video is after the countdown. 4:47 Hopefully it helps getting started 🙂

Stach Rogalski says:

I use Cyberlinks Power Director 17 Ultimate, easy to use and renders fast! 🙂 I love it for a one off $119 payment!

jamesd1981 says:

Like a lot of other comments, i am surprised Cyberlink power director did not make at least a top 5, Adobe junk should not even be included with their rip off constant subscription model

Jim O'Callaghan says:

Considering the cost, I can’t agree with your choice. Pretty obvious that since you use PP CC, its “obvious” which one is “the best.” It’s not a completely unbiased opinion, but, that’s an opinion too! 😉

ȘȚɄƑƑɎǾɄ1oo says:

Subscription software is a scam unless you’re a professional.

Probal Saikia says:

Nice information

TheGuyWhoSomedayHaveACommentOnEveryYTvideo says:

Is filmora worth it? I have 94$ to spend and I prefer to have some money left over. Which editor is best for a shitty pc. I have a shitty HP smallform factor 8200


I like your channel . I’ll LIke us to do a sub for sub . Reply if you are interested.

E Draws says:

Awesome video.

2Siders Gaming says:

*Sony Vegas sucks ass.*
I am using it right now; have been using it since I started making videos 3 months ago, and it’s nothing but disappointing.
Support is shit for it as well. You can do a lot of things with Sony Vegas, but only if you don’t mind spending hours every day in learning to do the most basic things.
I am perplexed by the design and technical choices of the developers behind this software, quite frankly.
Fuck you SV

DefectiveDetective says:

Does Adobe absolutely need the plan or can I just make the one time purchase and be done with it?

Rich Plewa says:

I use Hitfilm Has all the features I need along with special effects ability as well as bring in 3d Models. I used Coral Video pro but it lacked the ability to import SFX and was a pain to use.

DJ WesBur says:

What are your thoughts on Cyberlink Powerdirector Suite/Ultimate 16?

Soni Anil says:

Does anyone use song Vegas for youtube?

kitta Gamer says:

My favourite video editor forever is and will be OBS

Eddie Arcega says:

no hitfilm express?

madHP says:

I need some opinions on what editor I should use. I had a computer before but it exports for a long time and crashes. But now I have an i7 8th gen and NVIDIA GeForce Graphics Card. Can anyone recommend me a good Free Editor and a Premium one that’s easy/simple to use. Any help would be great!

Just a nobody says:

One question; is camtasia studio 9 a good editing program for a beginner?

Alvin Lucis says:

I need advice guys please, what best video editing software for i5 8th gen Nvidia geforce 930mx ?

Liviu Capitanu says:

This channel is the bomb !!!

Justice Liberty says:

The real #1 NLE SW is Media Composer!!! It does have a steep learning curve but once the basics are mastered it still is the pros choice of NLE.

Triniboy Gaming says:

super helpful

A Mustang Owner says:

I use premiere pro. Its amazing.

Dagrik Riba says:

Plz sub my channel

Eric Lefebvre says:

You might have also mentionned that Davinci Resolve come free with the upcoming black magic pocket cinema 4k camera coming in September.

I also can’t beleive there is no mention of HitFilm Pro.

danmar007 says:

FYI: Corel is pronounced Corelle, like the dishes. I just bought it. 🙂 Love your videos. I think this is the 18th or so I’ve watched since last night.

Edwin Rubillos says:

The video is very informative and very helpful. Thank you for sharing the knowledge about video editing. I’m a corel video studio pro user since i started editing video for weddings, birthdays, etc.. I found my video editor very powerful; the performance is so great! All i need is in my corel video studio pro!


What about filmora which I use and I like the most

soundgardenstudio says:

I have been using Sony Vegas Pro since 2010 and now I have Magix Vegas Pro 15 and I found it to be the best in performance, quality, features and multiple cinema file formats! It’s faster than any other editing software. Resolve is really good too but little complex and sometimes slow to work on.

code learner says:

Can you please suggest some top free screen recorders?

Paige Robinson says:

Are all of these besides iMovie compatible for windows computers?

Sagar Deb says:

how do you make ur intros pls pls tell bro i am begging you pls

Evo HD says:

So you add davinci resolve to this list which includes almost no features at all but don’t even add in Hitfilm pro which is almost as good as AE and PR

Verdade ALucinante says:

Premier of adobe this champion

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