Videon: Video Capture & Editing App for iOS (Review & Demo)

Videon App – Video camera and Editing app for the iPhone and iPad.

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Chris Ousten says:

I would want it

disco07sweet says:

Can someone recommend me an app like this that doesn’t need any money to download? I just really need like a recording and editing app !

Daniel Bradshaw says:

you can save to camera roll, and export to youtube from there.

Deivix_XD says:

*2k Followers in your IG Account Rightaway*


Oh Yeh Thankyou so much for the extra gigs for copy U demonstrated that video brilliantly too I’m not butt licking I honestly think UR very good at video demonstration verbally plus UR vids r not OTT with technicality when showcasing apps etc & UR reviews & honest opinions I don’t like it wen sum people r ova technical wen reviewing etc i like it simple but effective & u defo showcase so its easy to understand

Daniel Bradshaw says:

Thanks for the comments, glad you liked 🙂

johnston-rose says:

Nicely done & very helpful. Thanks, Mate!

Michele Savino says:

How Can I Add Music at The End Of My Video – when I am finished speaking?

Dave Hauss (DJ Qwik-Cut) says:

Can someone compare VIDEON with FILMIC PRO and discuss which one gives better video? I know FILMIC doesnt have an editor….

Jacob Beddow says:

I really want to find an app where you can basically stack clips on each other. So you can basically have two clips running at the same time.
For example I can have me talking to myself. Or stabbing another me…..

Anyone know an app?

Hobojoe says:

It cost money dingus

martin mcgarry says:

thanks for a great tut.  can i sync vids from my 5 to my pad for editing on the larger screen. thanks….

Michele Savino says:

How Can I Add Music at The End Of My Video – when I am finished speaking?

Gazzara on says:

best video app by far !!

OrangeHatGamer says:

I want a copy

Ranie Krishnan says:

does this app have the option for date and time whilst recording

ponk80 says:

tjeck out VideoGrade it is also a great video processing app

Truc Bui says:

Can you Upload to youtube?

Nicolas Strawberry says:

Cool review, cool app. I use filmic pro and movielooks, this looks like it’d make a good addiction. For editing I’ll have to stick with pinnacle Studio, IMO it’s leaps and bounds better than iMovie.

kaleb775(vintage cilentele) says:

Do you know if it’s possible for the video editor part of the app you could add music and then uploaded it onto YouTube! Because I have been having issues with my computer and want to start using my phone for most videos I make

Michele Savino says:

yes- and camera stand- where can I get that?

Maura Faulkner says:

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lola beau says:

You sound like Keith Lennon…

Randall Schoverling says:

I use Splice app.

Fura OG'z says:


Greg Fox says:

Videocraft – Complete multitrack video editing app. All features in one app. Full control.

Rob Johnson says:

seems like a great app 🙂


Where did you get the iphone stand??

Brads Greenhouse & Gardening says:

+Daniel Bradshaw After watching your video I decided to buy this app for my iPhone5s but the front facing Camera records upside down?! I make sure it is oriented correctly, all of the buttons on the screen are right side up. I have tired over and over to record right side up, any idea?

Kim T says:

Can anyone tell me how to upload a Videon video to Youtube?

Some Guy says:

Any apps that allow you to speed up the video by say x4

Kate Robson says:

Thanks. Just what I needed to know. I’ll buy it!

Truc Bui says:

And does it save in your camera roll?

thesaalim12 says:

I would like to know whether  the app works in Iphone 4. My top mic is not working and thus cant record audio in my videos. I saw the the mic changing option in the app. Can i get this option in my Iphone 4

Michele Savino says:

yes- and camera stand- where can I get that?

Sérgio Aqueri says:

thanks for video 🙂

Truc Bui says:

From that app

Iman Khalil says:

After seeing this video I am gonna get this app

EthanTheGenerous says:

help whenever im recording theres no pause button!

olevuce98 says:

I really like this video, I’ll buy it 🙂

ayce09 says:

Very helpful! Thank you!

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