BallisticsARC Calculator App & Weather Station!

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lerch400block says:

Well kiss my ass. No more

Trail Shooter says:

will you be at NRA?

Sean 24986 says:

very nice indeed sir!

Inam lala says:

More general!!!!!!!!

Bentley says:

Your rifles right hand bipod leg in the intro looks like its gonna fall off the table!

Isaac Haller says:

What caliber and model is the rifle your using I’ve been looking for a new hunting rifle your gun seems plenty accurate

Richard van Poucke says:

dear twang and bang i want to buy a bow but i can’t choose wich bow do you recommend

Thomas Jackson says:

Game Changer

Anthony Ivan Aglugub Jr. says:

Damn Got some Ages ago in Fortran could not Find any Modern Computer Geek to Update. Any way, it is still accurate usable as Nature then and now has no changes.

mhe0815 says:

So how does this compare to a Kestrel 5700 with Link and the BallisticsApp calculator? Have the app but I am in the market shopping for weather data hardware. Recommendations?

fredstah714 says:

When everything is set why is this base on 24 inch barrel and not 20 inch barrel?

Trays7940 says:

Ha, we are neighbors… But I promise not to hang out in your basement…. LOL

Hail to The_Rooster says:

Pretty neat BUT I hunt in the middle of nowhere so I couldn’t use it to max potential. There’s no cell service out there but the specific range card would help

lerch400block says:

looks like knippa

RapidRrobert says:

It costs $$ to change the rifle from 308 to anything else.

joseph meiguoren says:

Got it and upgraded. How can I save chart in photo. I hit wrong side and did not allow Ballisitc ARC to use my photo app. It keeps stating error when I try to save.
Help…I was never the brightest bulb in the package.

Samuel Delaet says:

OMG take my money!

Chauchat 3137 says:

What kind of rifle is that? it looks frickin sick

Tom Smyth says:

Just waiting for your rifle to fall off the table

ibanezjemgmc says:

What was the difference in velocity that was printed on the box of ammo and the actual chrono’d velocity?

Greg D says:

What camera are you using when your talking in the woods? The quality is amazing

Meredith's Mayhem says:

Does this also account for earth rotation?

Sneakywakiki says:

Where is the button for adding a 10 MOA buck fever adjustment? 😉

Griz Woldstad says:

Looks great, does it do it without cell service. Do you get credit if I buy the app and the meter stuff? Will be getting it all soon!

JnJ Outdoors says:

cool app! More prime ammo!

IDID Mystepmom says:

I understand, thanks for all the vids you put out…

Jake McDermott says:

We’re can I buy that Pershing rifle

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