Environment Canada releases the Top 10 weather stories of 2018

From B.C. fires to flooding in New Brunswick, no part of Canada was spared from extreme events in 2018. CBC’s Heather Hiscox speaks with Environment Canada’s David Phillips about the most important weather stories of the year.

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Black Ghost says:

Wow. You guys up east is having a very interesting year.


Canada you need to see the Lord is coming soon he who openly seeks the Lord will be saved look passed the lies of this life and be free I pray for everyone but I am a Canadian and feel that you deserve to know the truth

cherell gini says:

It’s always winter canada eh

Buysome Bitcoin says:

Well you need to label it TOP THREE WEATHER STORIES.

Xombz Mb says:

Yo they need to still arrest an arsonist in the interior I think. Before the summer hits I’m so worried about the summer this upcoming year.

Kissing Bandit says:

smoke was bad everywhere…..who put out the fires before the Liberals and the left came along???

sam180815 says:


Darren Schmidt says:

Why is the CBC dominated by the elderly when it comes to their hosts and guests? Could it be that they need to appeal to their FOX news audience?

Canadian Nationalist says:

“The sky is falling, the sky is falling!!!” – Every moronic global warming extremist 2010 – 2018
FYI, it’s the SUN and earths magnetic field that’s effecting our climate changes to strange extremes, NOT man’s pollution that’s just a government lie to rake in more $$$. Take a look at the solar cycles, especially cycle 25 in which we just entered.

Sherrie Myles says:

135 yrs ago was less populations, more land, trees, less pollutions, No cars, No factories, less trash, No endanger species. No such thing climate change. We came out of ice age. Sun getting hotter. What happen when we go back into ice age. Y’all going to protest then. All these natural disasters it tilting the earth axles. Its changing our season. Canada may one day be tropical climate while North and South America will be arctic climates.

Dark Mage says:

All of north America is getting pummelled with this insane weather

MRS Dasilva says:


hogensan says:

Political civil servants. 5-15 years the east will suffer the consequences of stupidity.

Leisure Larry says:

Big year in cover up news, agenda based reporting

Mike Bossy says:

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG weather! Nonsense

write2sid says:

Hello from North India , We are experiencing the same here. Extreme Temperatures , Both In Summer and Winter . Climate Change is a reality no matter how many times Trump denies it. All nations should come together and acknowledge this as an Emergency and take drastic measures before it’s too late. Our Government has a hypocratic approach towards climate change . Our PM goes to the Paris Climate Change summit to extend support and on the other hand thousands of trees are being cut down in the hills to make express ways so more traffic can be accommodated to pollute our environment.

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