How Storm Glass Weather Forecaster Predicts Weather

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Storm Glass Weather Predictor

Weather forecasting is my career. I enjoy figuring out whether or not thunderstorms are expected on a given day. Nowadays, there are tons of gadgets and apps that make forecasting simple for weather geeks who aren’t necessarily meteorologists. One particular instrument that I’ve been introduced to is The Storm Glass Weather Forecaster.

Not only is it a weather forecasting device, but it also makes for a beautiful home centerpiece. It definitely adds to any home decor and is a great conversation starter as well.

The Storm Glass Weather Forecaster has a unique design that never goes unnoticed. When people ask about it, they follow up with all sorts of questions about how it works.

Storm Glass Weather Forecaster Ingredients

But before I get into how it functions, let me preface by saying that The Storm Glass has been around since the 18th century. Back then people relied on the device to find out daily weather conditions. It’s made up of things like distilled water, camphor, potassium nitrate, ammonium chloride and ethanol.

How to Use the Storm Glass Weather Forecaster

Place the enclosed glass bottle device on a flat surface inside your home. The subtle changes in air temperature allow the crystals to transform.

If it’s a dry and sunny day, the liquid will remain clear. Clouds will form in the event of an overcast day and if you see the flakes begin to gather around the bottle, then you know that storms are possible.

Other things to watch for include:

Small dots in the liquid means you can expect foggy weather.
Flakes at the top portion of the liquid indicates windy conditions.
Cloudy glass with small flakes means thunderstorms could arrive
If the liquid has small stars on a sunny winter day, expect snow in the forecast.
Flakes formed at the bottom represents frost during the winter.
Large flakes are an indication of dense air, overcast skies, and snow in winter.
The higher the crystals rise in winter, the colder the temperatures.
It’s hard to say how accurate The Storm Glass is. But, it’s fun to compare it to the daily weather forecast.

The other day I noticed that the liquid turned cloudy. My kids and I looked outside and saw that clouds had developed, and sure enough it rained later that night.

I watched the device over the course of five days and noticed that most days it remained crystal clear. However, there were a couple instances when the fluid appeared a bit foggy with some flakes rising around the lower part of the glass.

If flakes form at the bottom of the glass during the cold season, you can expect frost. Since it’s summer that could only mean the air is moist.

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Roscommoner says:

I got one of these for Christmas… it’s sat on the mantle peice and it’s not done anything. It’s snowed earlier and it was the same as it was when I took it out the box

Brandon Clowers says:

So how will it predict the weather by staying inside? Mine has been clear liquid with the crystals at the bottom since christmas. I live in tn and we have not had clear weather since Christmas
Had it on a table. Just moved it to my window.

MrDjh66 says:

I just got one as a gift love it.and by the way you are stunning!

Thicc Joseph says:

I don’t really care for the purpose of it I just really like the look of it

Grey Bar0n says:


CenLAStormSpotters says:

great video! i want one so bad haha

Shawn Smith says:

what is the key for the corresponding weather? In detail.

WillMoff says:

Video does not explain how it works like the title says it does

Javier Panadero says:

Why does that combination of chemicals indicate a weather change? My suspicion is that it has to do with the old PV=nRT equation used in physical chemistry but for all I know it is something else. I would be curious to get your take on that.

John Gates says:

My wife got tired of my Archaec Barometric Pressure gadgets so she bought me the Storm Glass..Something fun to play with.

Tiago Eusébio says:


Reconfigure says:

The original was the Tempo Drop Storm Glass by Perriciliente.

Random Skitz says:


Michele Knackmuhs says:

Are there any more gadgets you’d recommend?

EH M says:

This comment section is terrible. Thanks for sharing the video! Just saw this on Facebook and had to look it up.

Marjorie Reaves says:

Does running the A/C in the summer or heater in the winter affect it?

Mark Stoesser says:

Just got one for Father’s day. Looking forward to the novelty and fun with my Storm Glass. I wanted to be a metrologist as a child and find this 18th century “technology” more interesting than my 21st century digital weather station. Weatheranchormama…you are an extremely beautiful woman, regardless, I am just as impressed in your intelligence and education that got you to where you are. And for the record to others reading this, I am Caucasian. How shallow some people look hiding behind a keyboard using a comment block as their racist “platform”. I would GLADLY watch whatever channel Weatheranchormama was on…

Shubham Santosh says:

I just found a working model of this online –

Brandon Clowers says:

if u keep it outside and it gets down below 25 will the liquid not freeze inside it?

Sandra Weiler says:

I’m looking for quality, which brand should I buy?

jabon machaca says:

luke sampe needs a reality check that forecasting weather isnt 100& accurate

Jodi Lynn says:

What is the stuff in the storm glass? my mom just bought one.

avyeris says:

My question is how can it predict the weather outside when you have it inside with all the air conditioning ?

Deanna Gilmore says:

Terrible reading these comments. Forecasting is a load of mathematics and hoping you figured correctly. They didn’t go to college for a simple piece of paper. It’s called earning a mathematical degree. I don’t envy it.

havoc 127 says:

black people always get paid date outta race. movin on up without yo ass lol. why? hey im black lol

Matt Earle says:

How do you manage to get this to work indoors? So many people cannot get it to do any changes. What is your secret? Have one in a spot in my home office and it has remained clear for weeks even though storms, cold weather, sunny day and cloudy has done nothing to change this at all. Unless i leave it outside where it goes clear in the sun and crystals in the evening when it gets colder (April in Canada). So I am getting nothing to happen indoors. So what is your secret?

Katspaw Collection says:

I got a storm glass for Christmas. It does acts funny with my Washington weather.

Chris Kibodeaux says:

Bitch u don’t do shit but read a prompter!!

Pyrolonn says:

Wow you’re so pretty. That’s great that it keeps the kids interested. I’m curious about it. It seems the only study of any merit has its solely a function as changing temperature. This makes sense, since pressure changes in a barometer are so small that it is hard to see it having much influence on a chemical reaction.

Yvette Masullo says:

Yay for my NY1 weather person!

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