How to Use the GoPro Capture App with your Hero Camera

Connect your GoPro Hero Camera with the GoPro Capture App. I am using the Hero5 for this demo.

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How to Do GoPro Slow Motion:

0:15 What You Can do with the Capture App
0:53 App Version Number I am using
1:08 Connect with these Hero Cameras
1:35 Capture App Main Page and Menu
3:14 How to Connect your Hero to your Smart Device
5:00 When Connected
6:02 Change Hero Camera Settings with the App
8:50 How to Delete Video from the SD Card using the App
9:19 Change Shooting Modes
9:48 View Videos on SD Card
9:55 Grab Photo from a Video
10:31 Crop a Video to Share on Social Media using the App


AlayasMagic says:

Do I have to use it? I don’t want to

Bladi Rosario says:

Would recommend the Hero Session 5 for recording paint-ball games?
Also is 64Gb(SD card) enough space…?


Can I capture videos, or only photos via wifi to my Iphone?

Raytech says:

will work for hero

XERXEX اكسركس says:

plz how i creat new acount

Safari Girl says:

Lots of tapping!

Рамина Давлетшина says:

*It’s a great camera>>>****  The only thing I don’t like is the audio. Sounds terrible, specially when I use the case and the mini pole extension.*

محمد السعدون says:

Thanks,, well explained

Franck Jørgensen says:


DLX says:

This thing is so frustrating! I have a GoPro Hero 3+. I press the wifi button, connect to the wifi, then film. But after I film, I can’t even watch or download my videos! Can anyone help?

Earl Yares says:

can you give me one plss

Jack Beames says:

It’s really choppy on the iPhone do you know why this is?

Gary Lundgren says:

This video seems fine to me, being a newbie. Will this smart phone app let you control multiple cameras simultaneously like the GoPro Smart Remote does? I presume all you can control is starting and stopping the cameras’ recording. Thanks!

Nitrokillah says:

Great video . the Connection is Better In WIFI then In bluetooth … What i’d Like to know Is How Do i Retrieve My Video Saved On My Phone ( Android ) I Was On a trip and did not bring My Laptop with me so i saved it on my phone … Now I’m trying to Get them to play on My Mac ( the GOpro Quick App ) But It’s not reading the Files Any Help please .

phillipmadd123 4 says:

I don’t need to turn on Bluetooth just wifi

deepdiver51 says:

You’ve done it again. Clear, concise, to the point, informative and pertinent. Perfect, thank you.

Nikolai Gumpen says:

I have looked for a video like this for a loooong time;) Thx man

Trinkletulips says:

Absolutely love this APP! Makes my life so much easier. I need to extend a GoPro 6m high for construction timelapse 24 hours a day and there’s no way I could do it without the app as I can only access the camera 2-3 times a day. It’s an absolute Godsend. Thank you so much Robert for your clear and concise explanation of how it works. Much appreciated.

Garry Brpwine says:

What range with this widget…  2 feet or 200 feet or more ????????

Blaze says:

Just get to the point !!!

Hasslehoy says:

Thank you!

Xstina says:

Very imformative and straight to the point. I learnt a lot from this video. Thanks so much!

Tom Ivar Kverndalen says:

Can you remote control multiple cameras by one phone thru this app simultaneous?

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