iOS 12: Weather Lock Screen!

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One of the coolest aesthetic changes in iOS 12 is a widget-like interface that displays weather data on the Lock Screen. But it’s currently on accessible for a few seconds after disabling Do Not Disturb’s Bedtime Mode.

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Porsche993 says:

I’m glad Waze is now on Apple car play

krushade100123 says:

This is why iPhone sucks unless jail broken

Lia Marie says:

I got an iPhone 7 Plus and I also have IOS 12 but it’s not working …. thanks apple

jm Cel says:

This wont work on iphone 8

FCHQ says:

I’m on iphone x, i’m on ios 12 i did everything, AND THIS FUCKING THING DOESNT POP UP.
Like if u want it permanently


Click bait , your video was deceiving

M.Hamza says:

Only works on iPhone X. Wasted my time.

André Filipe says:

Does it only work on the X’s models? I have an 8Plus and i tried to do it but i cannot get it to work.

Mauricio Mireles-Montaño says:

On the real iOS 12 this great feature do not work. This only for the beta…

Gary Bird says:

Doesn’t work on iPhone 6. But he said it only last around 15 secs anyways.

Vanessa Tamara says:

is it for iphone x only? mine is not working

Yoonmin Vkook says:

um so why your camera flashing like that

Familie Prinz says:

List Pages and Adobe a time

Sahil Chaudhary says:

Do not turn off DND manually, let it automatically when the time ends and then unlock your phone at least after 1 second and then you can have this big weather on your screen. If you manually turn off DND, it doesn’t show, at least on iPhone 6S using iOS 12 public version.

Chan Kah Hou says:

Is iPhone 6 have this ?

Kevin Howard says:

I think they should make an alarm sound that starts out soft and gets louder. I cant have do not disturb turn on my phone. im on house arrest lol.

Ben_ Alig says:

Why in my iphone 6s iOS 12 it not Show the weather ?

Ali says:

Just add the weather widget.. on lock screen slide to the left and boom you will see the weather.

Richard Quinn says:

Yep we need that

Anshul Singh says:

It works without Bedtime mode also. When your Dnd gets over you will see the same kind of screen.

Srikar Vedula says:

This is not working

Rosangela Sena says:

I’m so in luv with IOS 12

Pikachu says:

Not work on my iPhone 6s!!!


I didn’t get the weather widget..on my lockscreen! Can u say the reason ???

Mr. Virendra Chougule says:

This feature doesn’t support to all iOS 12 compatible iPhones.

Hsauce says:

Is this on iPhone 6s aswell

Corley Walsh says:


David Booker says:

This do not work on my iPhone x

Dawn Davis says:

I hate it. It reads Good morning, and my name. I don’t need my phone to be my friend, if I set up my sleep setting. I need it to do that, without the foofy bs!

David Cuevas says:


Tim Liszt says:

Doesn’t work. Period.

joshua bonner says:

I wish there was an option to leave the water lock screen on

Gabby Karim says:

Does it work on iphone 6s?

pamela sioson says:

I know the technique on how to do it immediately:
1. Set the Weather app setting (under Privacy setting) – ALWAYS
2. DND – manualy toggle it on
3. Bedtime – toggle it on also
4. Let’s say the time now is 6:41pm, set the scheduled from 1pm to 6:43pm (even 6:42pm)
5. Lock the screen
6. Open your iPhone at 6:44 VOILA!

Semphortune says:

Is there a way to stop the annoying pop-up on the Lock Screen (0:31) permanently? I’d like to see my background when sleepmode is on.. :/

Dan Bittner says:

Apple needs to keep this permanent. This would just look beautiful to wake my phone and see that beautiful weather

Dubiel says:

Yeah- view weather info – just like on an Android! Why not?

Paras Kalra says:

Here for a good time not a long time

Bez Bez says:

I do exactly this and dont have it and i am on ios 12

tenbowshdd says:

Doesn’t work on older iPhones

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