Samsung Galaxy S7: How to Add a Weather Widget to Home Screen

Learn how you can add a weather widget to Home Screen on Samsung Galaxy S7.

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donald scarlett says:

Is there any one on here that can tell me how to get my weather widget back to the home screen easy all that dragging and stuff is not working it says its already there and it is not or do I just download a new weather app.

Saif Ali says:

thank dear

Andres Johnson says:

Hi, I just purchased a s7 and I just realized theres never been a weather widget or weather app. I try to search for the app and it says it is installed but I just cant see it anywhere so i cant open it. What can i do?

Mohamad Miari says:

Thank you alot

Yavar Durrani says:

On my homescreen the weather widgit was already there and I can’t get rid of it unless I add/remove widgits and it doesn’t seem to work for me, mainly because the homescreen on my doesn’t really have many spaces so I’m assuming that’s why I cannot access this at the moment. I would rather remove the weather widgit first, I don’t want to remove messages, gallery, camera, contacts, internet, phone etc off my homescreen.

Aditya Sharma says:

Thank you bro

trung vu says:

Thanks David

Erickson Gonmei says:

I mean some person there name is their in the weather report.. Hi mr xyz.. Today weather is dis and that.. So, For that how to add our name? Any1 please tell me about this

Phuc Nguyen says:

thanks! it works.

Cheong3391 says:

why the weather dont have on s7 edge

rkp Hindi tracks channel says:

Thanks you

Eduardo Mejía says:

can you add the weather info in the brief edge?

Elizabeth Cuahtlapantzi says:

thx it did work

Bharati Nair says:

Thank you. Worked

Rimmon says:

Hi, may I know the name of the weather widget. Because I recently update my S7 to Nougat. and I really want the weather widget of S7 in marshmallow. Thanks.

Hide and Tweak says:

thx ! i forgot how to do it

Rutendo Sanyauke says:

Thanks sooooo much…youre a life saver

Suba Ramesh says:

Thank you. Your video really helped when I was groping how to do it

emoji_queenz says:

Just do the first 34 seconds i got my widget bck

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