Shine Weather iPhone App Review

Alex Leiphart brings us his review of Shine, the newest weather app on the iPhone App Store. At $0.99, Shine takes what Apple’s included Weather app started and adds an array of features including 72-hour and 7-day forecasts. Coming soon to the app are hourly forecasts and severe weather alert updates, including text forecasts for folks that prefer to read their weather reports.

Shine manages to maintain a surprisingly clean and simple interface despite having a rather large array of features.

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Shine for iOS can be found here:


Toedoog says:

The hell’s wrong with the free official weather app…?

eggs says:

@JackDanielsCHS08 Or maybe, people can harness the power of HAARP to create weather abnormalities.

Daniel White says:


rawrisluv says:

No I wouldn’t. Waste of 99 cents.

JackDanielsCHS08 says:

i have the weather channel max….its better in my opinion cuz you can also check out the “beach” tab which is pretty useful……

another interesting app is Weather HD ( i think thats the name) it actually has this simulator of how it looks outside…I loved the thunderstorm animation….sadly this app for some reason stopped working for me 🙁

choc says:

Is that a male or female voice.

firehappy2008 says:

First negative rating given on lockergnome.

JackDanielsCHS08 says:

@BrokenSp00n ummm sooo what?

Jim Cullen says:

Nah, stock app’s fine for me. Plus, where I live, weather stations always give pretty much the same result. 28-32, with a chance of rain.

Cim says:

Though it’s functional, it looks horrible. It looks nothing like anything else when compared to the other default apps.

eggs says:

It’s just a weather app. That’s it.

I’ll buy it if it can change the weather.

Nick Alexander says:

probably gnna try this out

Jessie Lynn says:

I’m not trying to be a hater or a troll so please don’t take it that way… But PLEASE, Chirs Mathew and MKBHD are the ones I like to see. This gave me a headache. Sorry.


I don’t understand °F.

phototristan says:

The built in weather app is better than this app!

MrCristuto says:

review mspot is a muisic stream music like google music

Bradley Garagan says:

@ronaldinho8899 Well, there are nicer ways of saying it, but it’s true.

chronofusion says:

@fire9132 yeah..he said…im sorry but he does sound like the typical 14 year old trendy going-to-turn-gay kid if he isn’t gay already. IT’S CALLED EATING FOODS THAT GIVE TESTOSTERONE! TRY IT..YOU’RE MALE, Alex, aren’t you? lol BALANCE yourself out :P, Alex.

Erland Haugen says:


Thycid says:

Weather+HD is MUCH MUCH MUCH better

Milky Sato says:

doesnt do anything different than the stock weather app it seems.

BrokenSp00n says:

This guy “Alex” it just a spoiled 14 year old :/

Jason Leung says:

Who would open the App just to read the weather?
Android weather widgets epic win

heydude1643 says:

That’s wasn’t a review … was an overview of the app -.-‘ wtf

Daniel White says:


50red510 says:

what is IT’S gender?

Rabolisk says:

I’am still sticking to the default weather app.

Jordin says:


JackDanielsCHS08 says:

@etoangfavoriteko lol if that was possible then every minute the sky will change due to all the people who have this app are changing the weather….it would actually be utter chaos haha

paddyt007 says:

I love my iphone, but I have very VERY rarely used it to check the weather.

Bakari8886 says:

Nice looking app,
But I won’t pay for a weather app
Too many good free ones + IT’S THE WEATHER! who really cares

manhunt48 says:

oh you mean like the default app you get for free on android?

timoke6 says:

dammed! i want to be the first one time!

LittleLegion says:

Wow, some of the viewer’s are just complete dicks.

JTWebMan says:

Doesn’t the iOS have a weather app built in? Who would pay $.99 for something you get free 🙂

JackDanielsCHS08 says:

@heydude1643 titles can always be misleading

Jake Wilson says:

weather channel app is still way better

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