SkyMotion Android Weather App Review – Up To The Minute Forecast

Single handedly one of the most useful apps for your collection!
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Terron Franklin says:

What’s the name of the live wallpaper your using?

48rsn says:

I use this app in North Vancouver (Deep Cove actually) and I find it is very hit and miss but think weather on the North Shore is more difficult than many places, lots of micro climatology. I’ve seen clear blue sky across all of Vancouver, and Sky Motion predicting rain in 8 minutes. In a place like Edmonton or Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal, Quebec city, there isn’t as much micro climate going on. The mountains can affect what is happening here, at 200 metres away something else is going on.

LisaMarie says:




CS3Techno says:


Cezar Constantin Cociorbă says:

impresive app. i don’t watch my weather in such detail but it is awesome! nice, simple and pleasant to the eye. i would like a darker skin though :p

omar lozoya says:

nice vid. how accurate is this app

Mantis: Mega Outlaw Star Fan says:

Incompatible with my Galaxy S2. 🙁 Looks great, though.

Larry Patterson says:

What the name of video wallpaper on your phone in this vid?

Maluminse says:

Nooo it sounds it. But youre batting a 1000. Not 1 app youve suggested has been off.

Kroatone says:

Your Canadian!?!?!?! say what?

Maluminse says:

Apps pretty cool. Useful in the moment.

Maluminse says:

This sounds dumb. But every other app you suggest has been great so…

CS3Techno says:

Hometown is 3 hours away. That’s cool.

Juxtaposed Graphix says:

Guess it just depends on your location. I’m in India where the weather stays pretty stable.. mostly sunny. But in a couple of weeks I’ll be in Germany with unpredictable rain and snow.. so I guess it’ll come in handy there. Decent app and I like the interface.

Dr Mace says:

What’s the name of that wallpaper?

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