The best weather apps for your iPhone or Android

Every smartphone can tell you the basic weather out of the box, but what if you want more from your forecast? There is a wealth of weather apps available for your iPhone or Android smartphone, both free and paid. The best apps are accurate, offer a ton of information, and are easy to use and pleasant to look at. You could spend days — and a ton of money — looking for the best weather app, but we’ve done the hard work for you.


Chris Perry says:

Man the verge makes purty videos.

le bill says:

app at 0:12?


1weather it does not updating automatically after 15 minutes. You know why please?

Benbot says:

The reviews for Dark Sky are pretty bad.

Darp says:

1 weather??

Styles P'yall says:

Glad you guys gave Yahoo Weather some love. Prettiest Weather app I’ve seen to date.

Cocalarix says:

Meteo Earth for Android deserves a mention. Very nice app.

Li Zhao says:

Is there anybody can tell me which andriod phone he used in the video?

Daniel Christopher Spain says:

i dont need a weather app, i live in texas… its hot

We NeedChangeNOW TVP-TZM says:

I don’t need an app to tell you the Capitalism is a road to ecocide and genocide.

Hadrov says:

This video exists

Ryan Schechtman says:

I have been using Yahoo Weather on my iPhone for quite a while now and I love it. I just wish it had severe weather notifications, given that I live in Florida where severe weather tends to come out of nowhere.

zack shannon says:

I don’t like that this series does apps. Maybe for a different program, but it’s easier to take a chance on a 3.99 app then a 200 dollar blue tooth speaker. I like how this series deals with items that are on the price site, things I can’t easier splurge on and I really take these recommendations to heart. Bought myself a ue boom and it’s great. Either way it’s a good series, keep it up.

Gem Webb says:

I just released a great video overview of the new WEATHER NETWORK ipad app.  Come check it out!

nr3rful says:

disagree, Yahoo weather is full of advertisements.

Wilson Abreggo says:

I find this video very stupid.

jeevan pujari says:

guys v can’t get dark sky app in India do something for it.I Am telling u because v can’t contact them

Paweł Lewiński says:

What about Grumpy Weather app?

Nabil Masri says:

Does anybody know the name of the song being played

Antone Remich says:

My favorite by a mile, is eWeather HD. Daily details, 10 day forecasts and moving radar for multiple cities of interest to me.

Josh D says:

Also I really wish you would’ve mentioned the NWS SPC CPC AND WPC websites.

Suhas Gowda says:

I like this concept !!

Gokhan Erguven says:

Weather & Clock Widget is also good for Android; it has never been wrong about sunny and rainy days, and possible rain alerts – and it’s free!

Eliud Arce says:

what about ” 1 Weather ” that app is great

xderiwx says:

Has anyone else experienced their Dark Sky app displaying “next hour forecast temporarily unavailable (radar station down)”?

Mine displays this probably 95% of the time. Can’t find any info or help online and the developers seem unresponsive. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, GPS location is pretty accurate, temps seem accurate but the main selling point of the app itself has been crap.

Not sure if this is a bug with the app itself, or something to do with my location. I’m in Hawaii (Big Island). Right now it’s a useless $4 app.

Mitchell Scott says:

Dark Sky is fine in a major city but in a smaller city it’s insanely inaccurate. 

Matt Fetherstonhaugh says:

I can’t find ‘Dark Sky’ in the app store?

apps capture says:

how to install dark sky app on Android

DeVante Chisolm says:

That dark sky app makes me want and iPhone again 

Frostbite Gaming says:

I don’t get the point in downloaded another applications that does almost the exact same thing as the default iOS weather app…. why waste extra space?

Josh D says:

You should have made sure to say download your local stations weather app. It is the most accurate

Julio Cuello says:

oh.. Verge.. you always..

‘Dark Sky’ is also aviable for Windows Phone 8.1 as Blue Skies.

brandenwhilden says:

So just Idea for “this is my next”. Streaming music service.

Amir Ganjeii says:

we just published our Material design weather app for android phones and it worth to be in the list

Beringeringerhein says:

Yahoo Weather for Android is the best looking and most useful app I’ve ever used. The Wigdet is beautiful and the option to not use background photo is awesome. Hands down the best for me

Ryan Boudreau says:

All Weather apps are only good for wind and temp. I’m a meteorologist and know all these apps are set on MOS statistical data. No human is forecasting every city. Im developing the first aspen weather app run by Two human meteorologists that live in aspen. Thats worth the money!

Aures says:

I  really wish dark sky would come to android, android is so hideous compared to ios

Nick_theFox says:


Wtf are you talking about, this app and widget is horrible looking

George Belyon says:

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Johnny Sparks says:

Stop leaving out the 3rd and best phone Windows Phone

TheOriginalLuffy says:

Bright Weather for Android is good. 

Tracy Whitt says:

OK, trying to decide which to get, which do you think it most accurate, AccuWeather or Yahoo Weather? if you could let me know your opinion please. Ty.

Josh D says:

You missed a big one. Weather Underground and Storm

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