When Weather RUINED Halloween

Halloween is a time to dress up and get as much candy as you can.

But Mother Nature sometimes dresses up as terrifying weather events and canceling Halloween!

Weather can be scary. And it’s even scarier on Halloween.

I’m meteorologist Jason Meyers.

And here are five frightful Halloween storms.

The 1991 Halloween Blizzard dropped feet of snow across portions of Minnesota, beginning on Halloween.

Snow in October is pretty rare for the Land of 10,000 Lakes, but since those northerners are no strangers to snow, kids just layered up and still trick-or-treated.

The same year on the East Coast, there was the The Perfect Storm – yeah, the one where they made a movie with George Clooney.

The nor’easter merged with remnants of Hurricane Grace and caused 13 deaths and $200 million in damages.

The Halloween Solar Storm were some of the most powerful solar storms ever recorded. They caused aircrafts to be rerouted, disrupted satellites, and a power outage in Sweden for an hour.

The resulting Northern lights were reported to be seen as far south as Florida!

Snowtober – also known as the 2011 Nor’easter – dropped record breaking snowfall from West Virginia to Maine.

All the leaves were still on the trees, and that, plus the weight of the snow caused trees to break and fall – sometimes on power lines.

People were left without electricity, and trick-or-treaters had to wait a few extra days.

The severe weather outbreak of 2013 did a number on many communities from Missouri to Pennsylvania.

Thunderstorms causing wind damage and spawning tornadoes forced a lot of kids to move trick or treating plans to the next day.

The moral of this Halloween tale? Don’t mess with Mother Nature! She wears a lot of costumes, and most of them are terrifying.

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KC Vlogs says:

a few years ago there was a thunderstorm and possible tornado on halloween. (It never happened and by trick or treating time it was just drizzling!)

donnie smith says:

I was in 2nd when Harvey hit OR WHO AM I KIDDING IN STILL IN 2ND

Rainbow Potato says:

I was in #5. We went to my mom’s old neighborhood because it was raining really hard in my neighborhood. Everyone gave out handfuls of candy because barely anyone was trick or treating. It ended up being one of my favorite Halloweens, the worst part was my costume getting wet.

ComradeAlpha says:

They need to move Halloween to a better date and it must be a weekend so the kids would not miss some hours of Halloween on a school day

Sparkly Snail says:

Wut is a solar storm?

RobertoMC - MINECRAFT says:

2-3 years ago in MA, when I was 8/7, There was a minor snow storm in Boston, MA, and it cancelled Halloween everywhere in Boston.

quu says:

how is solar storm a weather

Gerard Trash says:

There’s always snow in Saskatchewan in October, it snowed last night

Alien bros. Vlogs and gaming! says:

Eight days after this was uploaded TX was pounded by a line of supercells that flooded roads one day before Halloween

EzRobot7 says:

What about Hurricane Sandy.

Jose Gomez says:

mother nature is a bitch that’s why it happened on Halloween

Marilyn Byrd says:

Ahhhhhhhh!!!!! Storms are scary
Then ao oni

Cristina Lassabe - Morrell says:

and 2017

Peri Dot says:

Guess what? I had a ice storm on Halloween last year..2017..

lizzie _wolfpup says:

i have seen snow in taennese but don’t realy remember i came back to wherei was born missisipi for my irthday and my cosins were there the first place we went when we arrived back was my grandmothers cause we had no home we moved state to state and when my cosins were at my grabdmothers when they saw me and my little sister og they squeezed me so tight and so did i we have not seen eachother for like 8 years lol and now here in my house in missisipi here i have only seen snow twice lol first there was sleet then snow one day and a week later more snow well just a story

Stockey Ocean4 says:

When I was inPre-k a large hurricane hit my school and the shcool had shut down and I had to wait 1 week to trick or treat it costed 30 billion dollars in damage it was the worst hurricane I have ever had

Andrew Guttman says:

Probably in 2012.Hurricane Sandy struck the East Coast on October 29 as a Category 1 hurricane in southern New Jersey and wind kicked up to 80 miles an hour or 128 kilometers per hour.The storm did not stop bothering us until 4:30 am but rain pounded until 6 am.We had a horrible Halloween.For the final tally in America the storm did $70 billion,about the cost of the lower end cost of Harvey in 2017.Or about 7 Hurricane Hugo’s,the horrific hurricane in 1989 or or about 2 and a quarter Hurricane Wilma’s

Ever Espinal says:

What about hurricane sandy in new york

Wheelock AS says:

Hi guys it’s me Harvey

juano says:

What about Sandy and Athena tho

TheWitherBoss YT says:


Fabrice, Wedson, and Melca Nation Volg Channel says:

Hurricane Sandy

Gordon Wiessner says:

Like your posts because the younger generation thinks its caused by governments, conspiracies, and other garbage. Old Mother Nature has been reeking havoc way before man and will continue to do so. Remember to include these older storms which proves this. Good work. Do a story about the Christmas tree ship.

Andrew Guttman says:

So on October 29,2012 my Halloween got pushed back when this Category 1 storm hit

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