Why You SHOULDN’T Buy The Huawei Mate 20 Pro!

Why You SHOULDN’T Buy The Huawei Mate 20 Pro! My Official unboxing and full hands on review of the camera, battery, specs etc of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro & X is coming soon! Also Speed test and camera comparisons are on route! But this video looks at my opinions of what we saw in the official videos and the live launch!

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luka kolenc says:

You are such a bitch

Goen Gunawan says:

Of course I’ll buy Huawei Mate 20X and meet the problem you mention?!

xPanda says:

Talks about “CMON IT’S 2018”, then continues to whine about the lack of jack… which is a 1878 technology.

DavidKashton Tech says:

You crack me up brother lol

Pingchuan Li says:

The charger function from another m20p makes it a great name now, impressive!

abdullah abdo says:

Are you crazy?? How much they pay for you to speak bad things about mate 20 Pro?? Best mobile best option best camera best everything is mate 20 Pro and I will buy it

Nikola Stosic says:

Serem ti se na razloge bas!

Russell Bell says:

Thank you for the advice… But I will buy mate 20 Pro….

TheDoujinArtist says:

I got the phone what chu gunna do about it?

Andres Suarez says:

Damn i hate british accent

DavidKashton Tech says:

Hey man how are you? Can you tell me the difference between the mate 20 pro smooth back and textured back,?

Shakil Ahmed says:


Pingchuan Li says:

Looks like more than 50% of readers disagreed with your opinions. It’s a shame. The clip is declined and make another one why we should buy one asap. 🙂

Juan Sanchez says:

U so annoying

DavidKashton Tech says:

Check out my mate 20 pro vlog tomorrow. I could not resist it any longer even though I tried and tried. Always loved the p20 pro so I figured the mate 20 prob would be perfect. I sold my note 9 to help fund the mate 20 pro and I’m sorry but now I’m convinced that all phones should automatically come with a stylus lol.

sindy wang says:

Where do you guys buy this phone in the U.S.? I’ve been searching for a while. Either Amazon or eBay has a company sell this one with a warranty. Should I really take the risk to buy one without a warranty?

itstheendoftheworld says:

Can you use a magnetic phone mount and wireless charge phone. Or will metal plate cause phone to over heat

Ugnius Laskovas says:

Į have it gtfo hatter..

Mr. Turner says:

Ha I bought it anyway and the only thing I HATE is that I lost my headphone jack 🙁
Otherwise, no ragrets

Ultra X says:

Head phone jack is going to die this year

sneakyjc says:

This phone went down price cause fee people buy it in mu country Mostly Samsung and Iphone is looked up in my country

Team Pascal says:

Good thing you told the truth about the kirin 980. Huawei said it was the first 7nm soc for smartphones

Dexter Dublin says:

The Huawei Mate 20 Pro is the absolute best smartphone in the marketplace. Go eat an Apple.

Shameful Servant says:

I have bought it, I’m personally have no regret buying it… Totally worth it

Kevin says:

I disagree with you completely

Ridhuan Iwan says:

I agree with you beacause


Mimicry says:

thanks i will buy samsung galaxy s10 plus 😀

LegendaryKing says:

This guy clearly takes drugs lol

Xenos Pistis says:

Apple is out of the game

Shaun Mostert says:

Ive had endless issues with my Huawei Mate 20 Lite involving the SD card, Ive bought multiple SD Cards and all different sizes, Ive even sent it to Huawei to be fixed and it still has the same problems, The card is either rejected, half the data isnt read, the SD card can not be set as the default storage location ect, NOW only half the people that have this kind of device has this issue but Huawei still hasnt said anything to us about it, they still dont know what the issue is, and on the Huawei forum there still is no answer or reply to this issue, I ended up having to send my device back, canceling my contract with my service provider and taking a new, different device.

Fazlin Hoosain says:

Great review, good points to consider.


Yep, the lack of headphone jack is a huge turnoff for me.

DatBoi says:

Do you work for the US government?

Jengo says:

Nah idc it’s cheap and good

人五点 says:

Why you should buy it? 7nm chip, better camera, good battery, and something just important as 7nm chip or more important. It is 5g. 5th generation network. It is also the faster 5g in the world. Speed of 2.7GB. Times faster than all 5g in the world. Which mean it took 10 second to load a 27GB movies while 4g need 34.6 minutes to load.

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