Year in Review: Weather 2017

The weather in 2017 was deadly and destructive, filled with a wide variety of weather, including deadly tornado outbreaks, costly freezes, out of control wildfires, damaging hail and one of the worst hurricane seasons on record.

These were the 8 of the biggest weather events to make headlines this year.

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Edward Levy says:

Irma is dead sike harvey and Maria are too

rosa alcantar says:

I survived hurricane Harvey

MoistyG says:

I see you got your hurricane statistics from wikipedia. We try our hardest making sure no vandalism gets through the tropical cyclone portal.


Can you please focus on Europe. Stuff happens here too

Trin5ty says:

Do a list of hurricanes that should be retired

Ryan Carroll says:


Edwin Rodriguez says:


Minecraft Endear dragon says:

More vids plssss

WaterNAxe says:

You have to talk about hurricane trump it ruined people’s life and the internet

User Plays says:


Travis Linton says:

I was right in the middle of that nasty Hail Storm. Obliterated my car. Was fun to film, but the stress afterward was pretty hard.

Ar G says:

Went through Irma. It was horrid

nafisa bidita says:

Actually, Irma spent all together more time at cat 5 than Ivan. But Ivan was a longer lived storm than Irma.

Hi Bye says:

That tornado outbreak in January and April frecked me out here in the southeast

Herobraine is jesus lazaro says:

ok good video

Артур Карапетян says:

Please, do video about Little Ice Age and this impact to world, this would be interesting.

NƎcktie3223 says:

Don’t forget the crazy winds in the Northeast in Autumn!

Roblox Gamings says:

The Denver hailstorm was scary

DylanYouTubeYT DRAGONS says:

When Hurricane Harvey it Houston, US, I saw pics of it and I was shocked, floods!!
Tornado season was very calm this year.But in 2013 was a big world record!! Let’s just hope it won’t be deadly in 2018.

Cyanide YT says:

Nice video! Keep up the good videos!

mortadha Abdul says:

First person that comment

Christian Medrano says:

yeah,this was a bad year

Leona the hunter /Jade Rogers says:

I like the video!

_BliZZard_ says:

I Remember That Hailstorm….
Mills Finally Reopened as well.

Jay Kizer says:

What about the time hen Michigan had destructive storm that ended up with one fataitiy?

Robert Freeman says:

SoutheastMissouri flood of 2017

Super Advanced sports Hauck says:


ClassicAnnoyance Time says:

Most of America: “climate change isn’t real”

User Plays says:


MOMs Do not touch says:

Hurricane Katrina costed 108 Billion dollars while Harvey beats the costliest hurricane on-record by 198 Billion dollars

The Voodoos says:

Year review weather OK.So what do you think has been happening around the rest of the globe the past twelve months.?

Kelly Rose says:

i liked. i have been in an EF-2 EF-1 & EF-0 TORNADO ON THE SAME DAY in 2017
. do you know when the spring weather predicion should be?

cloudtoground says:

You could have gone into more depth about Harvey. I think they that storm had record amounts of rainfall.
Harvey weakened to a tropical depression by 7 p.m. CDT on Aug. 30 when it was centered about 10 miles southwest of Alexandria, Louisiana.
Rainfall Totals
Here are the latest rainfall totals through 4 p.m. CDT Wednesday, all in Texas unless otherwise specified:
• 51.88 inches on Cedar Bayou near Highlands, Texas (Preliminary Lower 48 tropical cyclone record)
• 49.40 inches on Clear Creek at Interstate 45 near League City, Texas (Preliminary Lower 48 tropical cyclone record)
• 49.32 inches on Mary’s Creek near Friendswood (Preliminary Lower 48 tropical cyclone record)
• 49.23 inches near Dayton (Preliminary Lower 48 tropical cyclone record)
• 49.20 inches on Mary’s Creek at Winding Road (Preliminary Lower 48 tropical cyclone record)
• 47.35 inches in Port Arthur, Texas
• 45.74 inches near Pasadena
• 44.91 inches near South Houston

Artixi says:

Keep it up Stormshield! Your videos are always well put together.

Alex Maxwell says:

This year was crazy and sad

Super Advanced sports Hauck says:

and wall clouds

james summers says:

sorry 2005 hurricane season 🙁

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